Thursday, January 20, 2005

Ignorathon Underway

What is going on? The boys don't love me anymore! This week, they're just not paying much attention to me, but they are very interested in my fiancee Liz. They'll go over and sit on her lap or paw at her feet for attention, but they aren't interested in me. They're not scared of me, but they don't want to come sit with me or visit me on my desk nor do they fall at my feet for a belly rub like they used to.

I am still the one who feeds them most of their meals and scoops their poop, but I get no credit. Last night, I even bribed them with treats and they came over and ate the treats out of my hand, but they just weren't their affection selves.

To be fair, Beowulf did come visit me on my desk for a little while, but he walked away quickly. Arthur is the one who is giving me the coldest sholder and that's ironic because he has traditionally been more affectionate than Beowulf.

When am I going to get them to sit next to me on the couch like this again?


socidoc said...

Ahhhh Avram, you are discovering the wonderful world of being snubbed by your kitties! Your kitties are now adolescents and are discovering that they have the ability to essentially say 'no' (I guess!)... it's a phase, although I have found that even as adults (basically anytime after that innocent kittenhood) my cats will periodically, for no reason I can determine, just act as if they wish I would go away. Really, I think it's just an idiocyncracy of cats. They *do* value their independence!!! :-) Nothing personal I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad! Widget and teddy do this to my boyfriend and I all the time. I'm the primamry care giver and most of the time they're all snuggly and affectionate with me. But some days or even weeks, they'll start hanging out with George and ignore me. It completely threw me for a loop the first time and I thought I'd done something to change their opinions of me and now it still hurts a little, but I know they'll be back to their normal cuddly selves soon enough!

~Charity (