Saturday, January 22, 2005

It's Getting Cold in Here

This apartment is usually really warm in the winter. In fact, it's so warm that I need to open the windows in the bedroom a crack when I go to sleep because otherwise it'll be too hot to sleep. But this heat hides a persistant draft that comes from that tiny space between the floor and the front wall.

Today, as we experience a major blizzard, the floor, particularly near the window, is a bit chilly. Fortunately, Arthur has found the perfect place to sleep -- on top of the radiator.


Orlff said...

My cats love laying on top of the registers so I put a fleece blankie on top and they absolutely love it.

Everyone is always fighting over who is going to capture the spot. There are catbeds all over my house (on top of the speakers, tv, printer, etc).

I put double sided tape on the bottom so they don't slide around. Everyone is definitely spoiled.

Shirlie said...

My Siamese found a new favorite place during the holidays - under the tree! He was so peeved when we took the tree down, that I finally set up a small one just for him. I couldn't stand the howling over the empty spot where 'his' tree was supposed to be! Guess I'll have a Christmas tree year round now.

Peggy said...

C'mon, Shirlie, Thai howls? Ha ha, don't you just love that Siamese yowl? Avram, be grateful your boys are tabbies, otherwise you'd get an earful. Jack, my 12yo seal point, hunts socks in the middle of the night and yowls as he brings them up the stairs to deposit them in the hallway by my room.