Saturday, January 15, 2005

Literally Climbing the Walls!

I must apologize for not posting as much as I had been. It seems like every time I sit down to post to the blog, Arthur starts acting up. The last couple of days have been a new low. He has now literally bitten the paint off the wall in one corner and has found a spot next to the radiator where he can dig concrete out of the wall and bat it around the livingroom. These two things never happened before.

I've also seen him trying to climb the walls and bat at the pictures on the wall. I don't want him eating paint or concrete or knocking pictures off the wall and breaking glass. How can we calm him and his brother down?


Thumper said...

How much longer until they're 6 months old? You can get them neutered then, and it will go a long way in curbing the little wild men in them.

Anonymous said...

Wear'em out by playing with them (easier said than done with kittens, but works with a sedate adult cat), or use Feliway.

Ann Elisabeth

Anonymous said...

Do you have DA BIRD??? That will get rid of a lot of excess energy. It sounds like they are stir crazy!

socidoc said...

With regard to the earlier comment about neutering your boys, I do know that some vets will now neuter/spay kittens as early as 8 weeks old. Personally, that sounds too young to me, but if your boys are 3-4 months old, I'd say that's a pretty well accepted time to go ahead and neuter them now. And it WILL calm them down. But as many comments on an earlier blog pointed out, your boys probably need more space (have you opened up the bathroom to them yet?) and some privacy, e.g. opening up the underside of the couch to them to hide in. Both of these accommodations should help a bit. But they are kittens, thus rambunctious, and apparently they are living in a fairly small space (thus, the more room you give them the better) so they are bound to be a bit wild. Get them neutered! Give them as much access as possible within their (note: not your house... THEIR...) house!

Avram said...

Actually, they were already neutered when I adopted them two months ago.

Avram said...

Also, we do play with them with danglign toys, though admittedly they broke the last few and we need to get more.

Peggy said...

Do you have a laser pointer? Kittens love to chase the red dot--you can run them wild and wear them out (momentarily) while you sit in one spot! Just be sure not to shine the light in their eyes.

Anonymous said...

oh yes they get plenty of excersise and acitivity. We use the laser pointer, dangly toys and even get down on their level to play with them and keep then engaged.
With plenty of toys and for an apartment plenty of room for them to roam and play and enjoy themsleves we try everything possible to keep them active and happy.

I do know that they would be happier with some kind of hideaway to get some "privacy" in but after we threw the last one out for shoddy construction we've been hunting for a new one and all of them seem to have the same problems and why spend more money on something thats going to come apart or pose a danger to our boys? I still have the marks from where the staples cut me, can you imagine what it could have done to them?
Hopefully we'll get through the next two months until they become six month and they will start to settle down.


Peggy said...

The cheapest and best hideaways are cardboard boxes and brown paper bags. You can cut some holes in them for "hide and seek" paw-poking.

Kathryn said...

I have a cat who is about 15 months and over the past week has started to climb the walls the same way.

He focuses on something like a nail or the like and then runs at it from across the room and jumps. He's knocked over a stereo because of it and he's tried to climb the blinds.

He does it at about the same time every night. And, not in the day time.

He's going crazy? He's got something wrong with his vision? He's just really stir crazy?

He's totally normal, er, as normal as a 15 month old kitten can be.

Any insights?