Monday, January 31, 2005

Literary Cats

This afternoon, Liz found that the boys had ripped the jacket off of one of her books, without moving the book at all. She noticed only when she found the chewed jacket under a chair.

The boys not only enjoy chewing books; they enjoy reading them too. Arthur often sits on Liz's lap and peers up at whatever she's reading at the moment.


Timmy said...

Oh man...these guys are destructive! LOL! I usually just lay on any open book and fold the pages a little. I've never chewed the covers like that. Bad poodies! Give them 30 lashes with a wet noodle!
I just noticed how pointy their ears are too. I think that's pretty cute ;)

Anonymous said...

HAHA, perhaps they were engaging in some literary criticism, cause that book SUCKS!!
Smart kitties.


Anonymous said...

Maybe your cats are part dog. I never had any problem with my cats munching on my books. My dogs however, now that's a different story. Hopefully it's something they grow out of

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Muse said...

We need a support group for cats that eat things. My cat has a thing for plastic - she's tried to eat my plastic plant. She gnaws on toilet paper packages, ozarka bags. So then i bought her a turbo chaser from petsmart and she pulled ALL the cardboard out of the center ring.