Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Year's Resolutions for My Cats

Even though I think I'm making progress as a cat guardian, I still have some lofty goals. Here are a few for 2005:

  • Start brushing my boys' teeth (I hate a cat toothbrush and paste, but I haven't had the guts to try it yet)
  • Clicker train the boys to perform certain tasks (I just got a book on this)
  • Get better at cat massage (also recently got a book on this)
  • Groom them more often
  • Scoop the litter more than once a day
  • Get them a cat tree
  • Get more interactive toys (I already have a few but many broke)

What should I add to this list?


Thumper said...

Totally unrelated--I found the Cat Tower (the one I call the SUpreme Commander Kitty Tower) online finally. It's called (-tada-) the Kitty Kat Tower. I found it online at

The info printed on the back of Max's (we unbolted it off the wall and moved it to a more play-fun area) just has this info:

Kitty Kat Tower
P.O. Box 1246
Arlington Tx 76004-1246


In surfing around I came to the conclusion that it's manufactured by a company called DOSKOCIL, but I'm not 100% sure about that.

But if you follow that link, it'll take you right to the full size picture...

socidoc said...

Well Avram,
I mentioned in an earlier comment that you ought to check out the natural wood (no fibers used at all) scratching posts at As you will see, these are made of cedar and thus naturally mimic the real trees which cats instinctively use outdoors. And there's no worries about them swallowing those icky fibers or staples! Hope you'll check them out and let us know what you think. Sounds like you've got quite a wish-list going for you, Liz and the boys! :-)

Anonymous said...

Just checked out There's a picture of a post which is worn from use over time. Wouldn't there be a concern because of the splinters from the wood? Natural trees are alive so I would think they wouldn't flake off dry splinters as a dry piece of lumber used for a cat scratching post would. Has your experience been different? I like the Classi-Cat Hideouts that Avram picked out. The Amusement Park looks attractive, but considering the cost, you could just buy two Classi-Cat Hideouts and get more bang for the buck. :)

Thumper said...

A little more Googling and I found that yep, Doskocil is the manufacturer of the Kitty Kat Tower. They make the Pet Mate line of at -- tho on their site they only list the Kitty Kat Tower Junior. That one is shorter, but it still looks like a lot of fun.

socidoc said...

To Anonymous' concern about splinters from the natural wood scratching post: I haven't actually used this post (I gave one to my brother and his cat, who lives mostly outdoors, uses it constantly when indoors). I am sure I'd have heard if there were a splintering problem. Perhaps they treat the wood with some kind of wax or natural coating? Not sure, but I do believe they come with a guarantee of some sort. Anyway, given Avram's valid concerns about his cats swallowing the fibers and staples that seem to be part-and-parcel of other scratching posts, I figured it might be a better alternative. Avram, what do you think?

socidoc said...

P.S. As far as the sisal covering for the scratching posts in the Amusement Park, neither of my cats would ever touch a sisal post. For them, it's carpet or nothing! I think the sisal may have hurt their paws or something. Actually, the first play set (I've already forgotten the name of it!) which Avram mentions by Drs. Foster and Smith, the one with the natural cedar scratching posts included, looks quite good to me. I'd go for that one... or... if you have a carpenter friend... have them build one for you and use the kind of materials you want to use!

Anonymous said...

Avram, so glad About Cats recommended your blog. I've just been reading your whole story, and enjoyed it tremendously. Your boys are Very Lucky to have you!

Timmy said...

I don't think they're lofty goals Avram, I think you'll be able to accomplish them in no time! I think you can add these two things to your list:
1. If they don't already have one, they should definately have a water fountain. I have one and I love it! It keeps the water all nice.
2. Get a kitty keyboard cover for your computer so that Beowulf and Arthur don't play with the mouse or keyboard.

Anonymous said...

My cat is almost three years old. The toy he likes the best right now, is a thin sisal rope with a heavy buncheed up paper tied to the end. He goes wild when I swing it around!

Funny how the toys you make yourself are the most popular, huh?

Ann Elisabeth