Thursday, January 20, 2005

Not Eating Much

The last couple of days the boys aren't finishing their wet food (they get two wet feedings and dry in between) and they aren't finishing their dry either. I can't say that they're not eating at all, but they are eating much less. I've seen them go through stages like this before so I'm not ready to hit the panic button, but if this continues for another day or two, I will start to get concerned.

I'm actually wondering if this might have something to do with their rabies vaccination. They were vaccinated a week ago and were fine for the next couple of days, but they did get a modified-live vaccine. I wonder if reduced appetite is a reaction to that. When the boys got their distemper vaccine back in December, they had a reduced appetite for a few days. Of course, they could just be going through a phase too.

Update: They did eat most of their wet food this morning.

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