Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Quick Q&A With Our Vet

Last Thursday, my fiancee Liz took the boys to the vet for their rabies shots. As I've said in earlier posts, we really like our vet and we're pleased that he uses Purevax, a brand of modified live vaccine that has the lowest risk of Vaccine-Related Sarcomas.

That said, Liz used this opportunity to ask our vet some questions we've had. She printed out a list and brought it with her for the occasion.

1. Do our boys need heartworm treatment?

The vet said he has "never treated" a cat for heartworm in all his years in the practice. He didn't dismiss our concerns, however. He said that, if we want, he can have the boys tested for heartworm before putting them on a preventative plan which he believes would have to be administered every month, not just during mosquito season.

Bottom line: I'm still confused on this issue.

2. Is our feeding schedule (2 wet feedings, free-feeding of dry in-between) adequate?

He says yes.

3. How much do our boys weigh?

Five pounds each now. He says they look very healthy

4. What happens if they eat the carpet from their scratching post or from other cat furniture?

He thinks they would probably pass the fibers, but the plastic string underneath is dangerous. Good thing we're getting rid of this scratching post.

5. When do they need to go back to the vet?

He says that, barring injury or illness, they don't need to come back until next January.

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