Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Shifting Allegiances

The past week to ten days, it seems like the cat world here has been upside down. Beowulf, who is usually "Liz's cat," and Arthur who is usually closer to me, have switched places. Arthur has been pretty much ignoring me and Beowulf has been following me around. True, Beowulf always followed me around and we had a good relationship before, but Arthur and I were closer. He'd come to visit me on my desk and jump up on the couch so he could snuggle with me. He's even flip over on his back and ask for belly rubs.

Lately, he's been ignoring me, but during the day, when Liz is home without me, he goes and climbs onto her lap to sleep. I'm kinda sad about this turn of events and I'm hoping he'll take an interest in me again. He lets me pet him if he's resting, but he's not seeking me out anymore.

If he's mad at me, what did I do wrong? Could it be that:

  • He's run in front of me a few times while I'm walking and I've ended up accidentally kicking him
  • About the time this started, we came home at 10 pm one day and the boys were home alone for about 12 hours and got their evening feeding about 4 hours late. Since then, they haven't eaten much during their 7 pm wet feeding, but have scarfed down their dry food over night.
  • He identifies with Liz exclusively because she's home for more hours than I am and she sits in her chair for hours with a blanket he can snuggle on.


Thumper said...

It could be any of the above, a combination, or none. It's hard to tell with cats sometimes... Max was super affectionate until he was 7-8 months old, then it was like having a feline teenager--complete with attitude--who thought he was too cool for us. He'd let me pet him, he'd sit on my lap, but on *his* terms.

A few months later and he was like the kitten my son first brought home. And then later... well, you can imagine. I never know from one day to the next if I'm going to have Kitten Max, Teenage Max, or Cuddly Max (who only appears when he senses I'm sad--and cats seem very good at that.)

I think that's part of the entertainment value of being owned by cats...you just never know what cat you'll have on any given day.

Peggy said...

Don't take it personally, Avram. Cats have mysterious personalities, and as Thumper said, you never know quite which personality you'll get on any given day. You and Liz are great cat parents, and be assured that the boys love you. Don't drive yourself nuts trying to figure them out, because cats are inscrutable.