Monday, January 31, 2005

Some Progress With Arthur

It's unfair to say that Arthur has been totally ignoring me or that he's not an affectionate cat. He has been extremely affectionate with Liz, climbing into her lap to sleep for hours each day. Her lap also happens to be a good place for him, because Liz sits in the same chair for hours reading and she always throws a fleece blanket over herself. That said, it's not just the blanket he loves, because I tried sitting with it for a while and he didn't come to my lap.

Of course, Beowulf will sit in Liz's lap sometimes too, but he only does it when she has the blanket on and he'll sit on my lap at other times. Arthur has only been interested in cuddling with Liz for the past couple of weeks.

However, this afternoon, Liz scolded Arthur for trying to chew a paper bag she was using. She then went into the bedroom to lie down and while I was stretched out on the couch, Arthur came and slept next to my leg like he used to. He even nuzzled up to my leg and turned over for a belly rub. Liz said "he knows he can manipulate you, but it's not gonna work on me." And it's true. Later in the day, he was sleeping on my desk chair and I wanted to use the computer, but I didn't want to disturb Arthur. So I got a different, less-comfortable chair to use. I then pushed the chair with my sleepy king over to the right of the keyboard and petted him while I was surfing the Web. It's Arthur and Beowulf's world; Liz and I are just living in it.


maizzy said...

heee... i see what he gets away with... heee... such cutie kitties you guys have... cool! =^.^=

socidoc said...

Now you've got it, Avram! It's *their* home and *their* world... we just rent space in it! :-) Your pix are fabulous... I adore them!!