Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Terrific Brand of Toys: Petstages

So many cat toys are made without giving a second thought to the health and safety of the cats they are intended for. Toy mice have glued-on eyes that can easily come off and be swallowed. Other toys have dangling pieces of string or feather that can harm a cat. One brand of cat toy I bought was actually covered in dried glue. I guess if a cat is poisoned and dies, it's not a problem for the people who make them.

Anyhow, I want to give some praise where it's richly due to one particular pet toy company, Petstages. Petstages takes the approach that cats, like children, have developmental needs and they seek to meet the needs that the cats have -- a need to chew, to bat at something, etc. Most importantly, their products are intelligently made.

I have bought a dozen of their toys and, while some were damaged a little after weeks of intensive play, they are incredibly durable overall and the cats absolutely love them. My cats are extremely rough on toys and these toys have stood up to weeks of chewing at batting. They haven't ripped open or shed little pieces on the floor.

Petstages makes not only small catnip toys (like the fish and ring shown at right), but also interactive toys (danglers like the one shown below), blankets, cat tunnels, etc. It's not always easy to find all of their products at the local pet store, but they are first-rate. For once, somebody is actually thinking of the cat's needs, not just the human's.

P.S. -- I noticed that Petsmart carries a wide selection of Petstages toys both on their web site and in their brick and mortar stores.

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Anonymous said...


I started reading your journal/blog after seeing it mentioned in the about.com cat newsletter. I love how you are sharing your experiences with your new furry family members! I adopted 2 kittens last May and June and ran into many of the things you have as well. It was nice to see I wasn't alone. They weren't my first cats, but they were the first kittens I had actively gone and adopted. (I grew up with cats, but many were strays or adults when they entered our lives - and never 2 at once)

I love the petstages toys as well. They are a bit more expensive but worth the price for the safety of my two babies. I hate when I find a cool looking toy at the store only to realize that it's got small parts or things on it my two man demolition crew could gnaw off.

Glad you found these great toys - and hope I get more talkative and post more in the future!

~Charity (Mom to Teddy, a black DSH male and Widget, a Tortisshell American Bobtail female) :-)