Thursday, January 20, 2005

Woman Found With 63 Cats in Van

According to an article posted on, a woman in New Mexico was charged with animal cruelty after she was pulled over yesterday for a traffic violation and the arresting officer found 63 sick cats in the back of her moving van.

It's not clear from the article exactly what the woman was doing with the 63 cats, two of which were dead. Were they her cats? Were they feral cats that she was transporting? Whatever the case, her actions sound pretty irresponsible, though probably well-intentioned.

Whatever this woman's story was, this article makes me think about all the "crazy cat ladies" out there who live with a lot of cats. A few months ago, I saw an old episode of CSI where the murder victim was an old woman who was living with over 20 cats. At the time I couldn't understand why someone would want to live with so many cats, but now I can sympathize. I think two cats is enough for me right now, but after visiting some shelters during the adoption process, I can understand why someone would want to "take them all home." That said, there are only so many cats one can reasonably provide for.

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