Friday, February 04, 2005

Beowulf the Bold

Arthur continues to be a bit aloof, both to me and to people other than Liz. He will let me give him a cat massage if he's lying down. He'll even flip over on his back and let me give him a belly rub. But he won't come to me nor will he stick around if I pick him up or go sit next to him on the couch.

It's not just me that Arthur ignores. Last weekend, my mom came by and he gave her the cold shoulder. This weekend, we are -- for the first time -- babysitting Liz's friend's three year old daughter. Arthur runs away from her, but Beowulf immediately sat down next to her and put his head on her lap.

This is a huge change from the first few months that we had the boys. Beowulf used to be the standoffish one, while Arthur was the friendly one. Lately, I've been wondering whether the boys switched bodies like the mother and daughter in Freaky Friday. But then I look at Beowulf and realize he's still the same guy who can't sit still for too long and Arthur is still the same guy who finishes all his food and can sit in one spot for a long time.

Arthur and Beowulf have very different personalities and they have their ups and downs just like people do. But that's part of what makes them such special beings.

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socidoc said...

It's sure a possibility that Beowulf will end up being the friendlier cat, and Arthur the more shy type with you, and with other people as well. It seems to be that cats' personalities continue to develop through their first year of life and then become a bit more 'set'. You've already noticed some consistencies of each kitty, and some changes. Don't sweat it! If Arthur decides that Liz is 'his human'... well... there's not much you can do about it! It does sound like he loves you too, as his 'roll over and let him pet my tummy' behavior clearly indicates. He wouldn't trust you with his belly if he didn't love you! For some mysterious reason, though, cats sometimes develop a strong preference for one of their humans over the other(s). Please don't be insulted. Arthur is just being a cat! :-)