Monday, February 14, 2005

Cat Furniture Idea

If you've been following this blog in the past, you know that I have a lot of issues with cat furniture. I think most cat furniture is poorly and dangerously made. Many pieces of furniture I have seen or purchased have:
  • Loose threads that a cat can swallow
  • Carpet fibers that a cat can swallow
  • Exposed glue that could be toxic or otherwise dangerous
  • Staples, splinters or sharp edges
  • Plastic carpet backing that comes off in string form

Remember that, if a cat swallows string, it's bad news. After swallowing string, a cat can develop life-threatening problems that require expensive treatments or surgery.

It seems like even the better-made cat furniture sheds carpet. Why oh why do they have to use carpet at all?!

I'm unhappy with all the cat furniture I've seen in stores and online because it's all carpeted. However, I have an idea and I'd love to know what you think of it. My boys want a place to hide and I want to provide them with one. So here's my thought. What if I bought them a new covered litterbox with a door on it and I put a soft, fleece cat bed inside of the litterbox instead of using it for litter? Would the cats still think of it as a litterbox and try to go? It seems logical to assume that they would NOT think of it as a litterbox, but as a hiding place and, since litterboxes are made of plastic, there's no fiber to shred.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Creative! Since it never has held litter they probably won't consider it a litter box. A neat idea for a club-house/hidey hole for them!

socidoc said...

I agree! Just be sure the 'open/close' door, if it has one, is always OPEN so they don't get too warm in there! Very creative!

Anonymous said...

I think it will work. They won't go if there is no litter. My cat loves hiding out in the cover when I take it off to clean out the box.

Anonymous said...

PS I forgot about this. My cats love hiding in here and I think its well made. You seem to have higher standards but I haven't seen any strings, glue etc. They each take turns in there and its so cute. Heres the link.

Avram said...

My boys love hiding in the cover of our litterbox when I take it off too -- that's how we got the idea.

Anonymous said...

I think that that is a great idea! No, I don't think they'd go in it. I have three cats, and in my experience they have to not only have cat litter in them, but the cats have to actually be shown what it's for. For anyone who's interestd; my method is putting them in the (clean) cat litter, and paddling with their paws for a few seconds.

Cat furniture said...

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