Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Houseguests and the Boys

My fiancee Liz had an old friend of hers from out of town and his fiancee stay over last night. It was the first time since we've had the boys that we had an adult overnight guest. Two weekends ago, we babysat a three year old, but the big difference here is that the three year old slept on the couch and the adults slept on the pullout bed.

Last night around 11:30 pm, we pulled out the bed from the couch, put the sheets on it, and bid our guests a good night as Liz and I retreated to our bedroom. Around 15 minutes later, we hear a scream coming from the livingroom. Our guests noticed that the cats were chewing the springs on the pullout bed. Liz jumped up and did some quick work to keep the cats from getting into the crevice between the couch and the pullout bed, though they still had a fun time playing with our guests' blankets all night. I just hope they didn't swallow any string.

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