Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Hunting for Hammocks

So this weekend, I finally took the leap and bought a cage (photos to follow once we take it out of the box). I am really relieved we have the cage so we can put together the rest of our "cat-proof" bookshelves without keeping the boys confined in their carrier for 3 or 4 hours while we fiddle with the various planks and screws. However, now I'd like to make the cage as comfortable as possible so it can be a place where the boys like to hang out, even when we're not locking them in it. How do I get a hammock for the cage? I see several "ferret" hammocks at the store, but I'm not sure if there's a special cat hammock I should be looking for.


Jenn said...

There seem to be cat hammocks out there because I did a search for them and it came up with a bunch of hits. Here's one website that I thought you might want to look at: www.mimicatworks.com From the looks of it, you could probably go to a fabric store, buy some soft, cozy fabric (that you know the boys won't try to shred/eat/etc) and create your own.

-Timothy's Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Avram! I've been following your blog daily & share many of your concerns even though my cats are older. In an earlier posting you mentioned Nutro cat food as the best you could find for the money and I must agree and recommend it to any others who read this. I researched the topic at length and find its also what Franny at aboutcats.com recommends. I have to buy the weight management food and was disgusted by what I read about fillers, etc. that go into so many cat foods, even the so-called "premium" foods and was delighted to find this one with all nautral high quality ingredients & no fillers. I will be switching my cats over to it this week. Thanks for alerting me to this brand. Laura in MN