Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I Hope My Lunch Isn't Their Lunch

I just got into the office and realized that I forgot something -- my lunch. Now, you might wonder why this has in me such a panic. Afterall, I can just buy a lunch from one of the many restaurants near my office. That's not the issue. I'm wondering where I left the plastic shopping bag with the gladware box filled with spaghetti and meat sauce. If I left it out on the kitchen table, I don't know what could be happening right now.

Could the boys be eating the plastic shopping bag, swallowing pieces of gladware, and munching through to the meat sauce? Could they be batting little pieces of pasta across the floor? What happens if a cat eats pieces of plastic shopping bag or gladware or meat sauce?

Chances are pretty good that I left my lunch in the bedroom, which the boys do not have access to. You might ask why I bring my lunch into the bedroom, but you see, I have to grab things from the fridge before I put my coat on (and I have to keep my coat in the bedroom because the cats would be all the dangling parts of the coat. Also, getting anything out of the fridge is a singular ordeal that requires my full attention and cannot be done with my coat on. I must deftly grab whatever I need from the fridge before one of the boys jumps inside. I also have to be careful about closing the door too quickly in haste, because usually one of the boys has stuck his head under the refridgerator door while I'm grabbing my food.


Anonymous said...

I knew puppies were destructive but I had no idea kittens went through this too! I've always had older cats that I adopted. Your blog has been a real eye-opener and I must admit source of amusement as I check in each day to see what they did next! They look so sweet in the pictures...but they must be miniture Tazmanian devils in disguise! - C.C.

Anonymous said...

Unless your cats are part goat I wouldn't worry!

Ellen aka Calamintha

socidoc said...

My observations agree with Ellen's above. While one cat of mine many years ago actually ate through a thin cloth towel to get at a cake (!) I've certainly never heard of cats eating through plastic, especially two layers of plastic as you describe. Not to worry! But please do let us know tomorrow what happens! :-)