Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Cat Lap Dance

A friend of mine pointed me toward this great cat lap dance animation. No, it's not a "lap dance" in the "adult" sense. It's about a man whose cat wants to sit on his lap and he wants to get up and eat without distubing the sleeping cat. I think this animation is really funny to cat people, because we've all had the experience of wanting to get up but not wanting to wake a sleeping feline companion.

The man in the cartoon is afraid to move because his cat will scratch him, but I don't want to move because I don't want to spoil the moment when my boys are cuddled up with me.


socidoc said...

That is *such* a funny video clip! Thanks Avram. My kitties refuse to sit on my lap, always have. But I certainly can relate! Even if they are sitting NEXT to me, or BEHIND me on the bed, I am VERY quiet when I get up. And the facial expressions on that video are also right-on. Thanks, Avram. BTW, the blue suede fabric on your sofa pix looks exactly like my own! Keep those pix coming!

Anonymous said...

I'm reminded of a quote from my cat calendar: "Dogs have owners, Cats have staff". C.C.

dm said...

Hmm, my first post disappeared.

I've just found your blog so belated mazel tov on your wedding.

The clip is hysterical and what made it funnier was that I am owned by a tuxedo cat.

The seasons are changing here in England so Campbell, my lord and master, has decided that my chair is the warmest and most comfy. So it doesn't matter if I am sitting on it or not. There he is.

I have, thankfully, trained him, well almost, to jump off if I say that I have to go pish. Sometimes I too have to slide off so he can continue sitting on me as I walk funny to the loo.

He lets me know when he wants to eat and he actually tells me when I should go to bed. See? So why I should I remarry when I have a bossy male in my life already?