Friday, March 18, 2005

Giant Cats?

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know that my boys are not allowed in the bedroom. It's a shame, but necesary b/c the bedroom is our dumping ground for all the things we don't want the boys getting into. The problem is that my fiancee Liz and I don't get to sleep with the cats, something many cat parents do.

However, there are times when I will nap on the livingroom couch and Beowulf or Arthur will come sleep against my leg and it's a wonderful feeling. However, it makes me nervous, because I'm afraid I'll roll over and crush him. A friend of mine at work tells me that he once knew someone who killed her cat by rolling over on it in her sleep. I am big a toss and turner so this worries me.

Can you really smother or crush your cat to death if he sleeps next to you?

Thinking about how small and fragile my boys are, I'm actually looking forward to them getting much bigger. I hope they get huge.

In fact, I think it would be cool if someone would breed house cats that were the same size as a medium to large dog (not Mastiff size, but maybe Golden Retriever or Irish Setter size). There are several urban legends about giant housecats, but most are either false or involve a very obese cat. This article discusses the possibility of breeding giant housecats.

I think a large housecat would be great, because it would have all the great feline qualities us cat people love, but be large enough that you wouldn't have to worry about stepping on it, tripping over it, crushing it, etc.

Right now, for those who want a large cat, there's the Maine Coon (which is still much smaller than a medium dog) and then there are wild animals which are probably illegal to keep (Tigers, Panthers, Lions, etc).


Anonymous said...

From the very first day that we got our kitten Taz she insisted on climbing under the covers and sleeping down around my feet and between my legs. I'm a quiet sleeper but my husband is very restless and we were worried about her being rolled over (nevermind how does she manage to breathe) but she seemed to know how to get out of the way and to this day, at a hefty 12+ pounds she still digs her way under the covers and sleeps snuggled up to me.

Max said...

Cats are pretty good at getting out of the way... I've never rolled onto one, though I have kicked a couple accidently in my sleep, but they were always none the worse for the wear. You're more likely to fall out of bed and break something on yourself than you are to roll over and crush one of the boys.

Steve Austin said...

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Anonymous said...

I have a cat that probably qualifies as at least huge, but maybe not giant. His name is "Pete" and he's 6 years old. He weighs in (as of yesterday) at 23 pounds. He is tall enough to stand up on his back legs and pull items off of our kitchen table, which stands 40 inches from the floor. He is truly a gentle giant, but not a Maine Coon. Actually, he dwarfs our Maine Coon, Tigger, by 10 pounds. Pete loves to give kisses, usually around 4:00 AM. As far as rolling over on him during the night, we worry about him rolling over on us!

Emily said...

Giant cats? I am trying to find out about them. I was looking for sizes of cats, and I found that usually a cat weighing more than 20 lbs is simply an obese cat. However, I had a 32 lb Siamese/Tonkinese tom cat. He was active, a mouser, and the king-tom in town. Although he was plump and had a thick build, he wasn't obese. He spent hours outside running around and we could not keep him in the house. He never got table scraps or goodies (except for a juice glass of eggnog at christmas!), but in addition to his Iams kibbles, he would go catch mice, chipmunks and small rabbits (for real!) He would chase dogs twice his size out of the yard, and he was the ultimate authority with our other pets. When he passed, he was totally skin and bones (cancer), but he still weighed 17.5 lbs. His head was the size of a squashed soft- ball, but his tail was only 12 inches long and looked incredibly stubby! Looking back I realize we had an exceptional cat. People used to visit us and say "wow, he's so big" but I just figured they had small cats, and I was really used to his size. After all I had two other cats of 5 and 6 lbs each, so it made sense to me that they would think he was big if they had "small" cats of 5, 10 or 15 lbs. I am looking for information on big cats (not overweight cats) so if anyone else has a story... The photos I have don't really show his size unfortunately, but I have some. Emily