Sunday, March 06, 2005

How Do I Tell the Boys Apart? -- FAQ

How can I tell Arthur and Beowulf apart? People who have actually visited me in person and met the boys ask this question more than blog visitors and I can't believe it. They are not identical twins by any stretch of the imagination.

Beowulf has a lot more white on his face and body. He also has bigger eyes and more of a lanky build. And he also is the one wearing the black collar. We've often suspected that Beowulf is the younger brother (although they were both born in the same litter), because he has a more youthful, wide-eyed look and expression.

Arthur is mostly orange with white paws and a white chin and belly. Arthur has more white in his eyes and when he looks at you, he has this wise expression which makes him sometimes look like an old man. He's also the one wearing the blue collar.


socidoc said...

Avram, as always, your pix are SOOOO cute! Beowulf has this devil-may-care, easy-going layabout demeanor that I just love! Thanks for the description to clear up the diffs between the boys.

Avram said...

You know, the funny thing is that my fiancee Liz read this post and had the opposite view of our boys. She thinks Arthur is the youthful, laid back one. I guess we have different experiences.

Beowulf has been standoffish with Liz for a while, but very affectionate with me and consistently so every day. Arthur is very sweet, but he operates on his schedule.

If I pick Arthur up, carry him over to the couch and sit him down next to me, he'll jump up and leave. However, this afternoon, I was working on the computer and he jumped into my lap and slept there for an hour.

Beowulf, OTOH, is almost always game to sit with me on the couch and his favorite perch is leaning on the scanner, right next to my right hand while I work on the computer.

Anonymous said...

I just love their big feet & ears that they have yet to grow into!! I have fallen in love with your cats! C.C

Ashley Fritz said...

Hehe, Avram I agree with Liz about the boys. I think Beowulf does look a bit wiser and more knowing. Maybe its just his more solid colors or his large frame. But when I see Arthur there, sleeping, it almost looks like he is waiting for someone to walk by so he can attack their legs! Innocent...sure....