Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Kitty Cage Match

We finally unpacked the cage today and set it up. We had to put the boys in it while our building superintendant came to spackle and repaint the bathroom.

He has to leave the bathroom door open while he works and we can't have the boys running in there and getting spackle or paint on themselves.

I wasn't home at the time my fiancee Liz set up the cage, but she tells me that the boys were upset at first and then calmed down and started playing inside. She put a small litterbox in the cage for a while, but Arthur kicked litter all over the place after using it so she took it out.

The next time we cage them, I think we'll just have to live with him kicking litter around b/c we don't want them to have to hold it in for too long. I'd also love to get a hammock that would fit in this cage. I still haven't seen a simple place to get cage hammocks for cats. Should I get a ferret hammock?

As far as the cage is concerned, it seems pretty sturdy and more than big enough for the task at hand. For those who are curious, it's a Precision 4000 Basic Crate, made for dogs but good enough for cats. I got it for $79 at a local Petco, but I don't see it available online.


Anonymous said...

You might also try putting a blanket in there to make it more comfortable. We have a fleece blanket, and we can barely tear our cat away from it, he loves it so much - no matter where it is.

Morven said...

Oh bless...they look like they're trying to plot the Great Escape leaning out!

We have a cage for our dog and he sleeps in it each night. We also used a baby gate for the stairs when he was young to keep him from going upstairs, so kiddy stuff works just as well!