Thursday, March 31, 2005

What Are the Biggest Cat Misconceptions? -- FAQ

My experience tells me that there are two huge misconceptions going around about cats:

  1. Cats are Low-Maintenance -- It's true you don't have to walk a cat and I've known people who got away with leaving their cats alone for a weekend (not a good thing to do, IMHO), but if you really care about your cats or even if you don't, you'll find yourself putting a ton of time into them. If nothing else, you'll find yourself cat-proofing your house and doing what you can to keep your cats from getting into things. I can't even count the number of hours I've spent trying to find the perfect cat food, litter, and toys.
  2. Cats are Unaffectionate -- Cats, like people, have different personalities. So it's fair to say that some cats just aren't that friendly, but their "owners" might be to blame. If you put the time in, chances are you will be rewarded by a cat that wants to rub up against you, sit next to you, or use your hand as a pillow. Cats express affection differently than dogs or humans, but you I can tell that my boys love me when:
    • They come and lay down next to me while I sit on the couch

    • They stand outside the bedroom or bathroom door and meow for me to come out

    • Arthur rubs the top of his head against the top of my foot, then flips onto his back for a belly rub.

    • Beowulf comes and lays down right near my computer mouse while I'm typing.

    • They come running to greet me when I come home from work.

In "Meet the Parents," Robert De Niro's character says: "Dogs are emotionally shallow animals. Cats make you earn their love." If you have cats, you know when they're being affectionate with you and you value it all the more because you've earned it.


Muddy, said...

Good points. All animals are high-maintenance, in a way. Every pet needs attention and care. I take constant care of my humans, making sure to brush their legs and meow at them several times a day.

Anonymous said...

ITA! Whoever says cats are standoffish or aloof doesn't know cats at all! I have 2 kitties, and one is approx. 11 yo, and the other is under a year. Both were strays when they came to us, and both were skittish being around us humans. With Simba, the older male, it took him about 2 years before he finally accepted us as his family. It took a great deal of patience and love on our part. For Nala, the young female, she is still skittish, doesn't like to be held, but loves attention and petting. When I come home from work, they both come running to greet me, and it's a feeling unlike any other. I know I earned their love.

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