Thursday, April 07, 2005

The King Always Gets His Throne

My fiancee Liz always gets mad at me, but I can't help it! If I see Arthur sitting in my desk chair, I won't kick him out. If I'm sitting in the chair and he wants it, I'll give up my seat and grab a hard wooden chair from the diningroom for myself.

Sometimes, if I see Arthur sitting on the floor or walking around aimlessly, I'll even pick him up and carry him to the leather chair, because I don't think it's befitting for a king to lie on the floor in front of the fridge.

Before you accuse me of spoiling Arthur, I have to admit a selfish motive for giving Arthur my chair. If I give Arthur the chair, I can have some bonding time with him. If I'm using the computer and he's sitting next to me in his chair, I can stroke him while I work. Beowulf will sleep on top of my desk so I can stroke him while I'm using the computer, but Arthur won't sit on the desk.

Another thing I like to do is roll the chair over to the couch so I can lie down on the couch while Arthur rests in his chair. I'll stick my hand or arm out and he will use it as a pillow (see photo at right). There's no better feeling than being used as a cat pillow. Really!


Peggy said...

Yes, you have been conquered by King Arthur!

Rahel said...

There's a wonderful book you should get if you don't have it already: All My Patients are Under the Bed by the late Dr. Louis Joseph Camuti, a veterinarian from New York who specialized in treating cats.

I seem to remember reading (there or elsewhere? Can't remember that) that the reason cats enjoy lying down on your favorite chair is because it has your scent on it, and they want to be surrounded by the scent of the human they love.

Ashley Fritz said...

Heya, I just found your blog on and I can't stop clicking to read your posts. Arthur and Beowulf are quite the handsome fellows. I have two of my own, Slinkers is a Havana Brown, well, I think he is and he is so affectionate I can hardly get him away from me and find myself pamperinghim and favoring him for nearly everything. And then there is JoJo, my cute little tabby that is as big as a pygmy lion and gives me these sad looks of want, begging me to scratch his stomach. But, I thought this blog was so true to the cat owner. Slinkers frequently hops up on the computer chair(which is comfortable since I sit in it for hours) and I never push him out or try and take it. I mostly will just get on my knees and access the comp. from there. HAHA, am I so guilty?