Sunday, May 01, 2005

Crate News

This weekend, we tried out the Pet Dreams Cratewear crate cover we just bought. We got this for a few reasons:

  • We want the cage to become a kitty condo for the boys.

  • On those rare occasions when we have to confine the boys for an hour or two (ex: when we're vacuuming the livingroom or taking apart a computer), we want them to be as comfortable as possible.

  • Putting a cover over the cage means that they won't be able to kick litter all over the place if we put a litterbox in there with them.

  • The cage is furniture now. It's in the middle of our livingroom. We want it to look nice to us humans too.

The Cratewear kit comes with three parts: a pad for the bottom of the cage, bumpers for the sides, and a big piece of cloth to cover up the top, back, and sides. Of course, this kit was designed for any 36" cage so it's not a perfect fit. As soon as we put the bumpers on, we realized they were too loose to stay on and the cover itself is such a loose fit that the boys started pulling it off so we put both the bumpers and the cover away temporarily, while leaving the pad in.

Still the boys loved the covered cage. It's the kind of hiding place they have been wanting for a long time. We plan to have my fiancee Liz's mother make some adjustments to the cover (maybe shorten it and add some straps to strap it to the cage bars) and to put it back on. In the mean time, the boys are in love with their new bedroom. We haven't been locking them in there, but they spent half the weekend sleeping in the cage.

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Anonymous said...

Makes a nice, cozy cave. Looks like they are getting too big for the hammock you were talking about. Maybe a cat shelf like you put under a window could be adapted to fit in there to add a perch?