Sunday, May 29, 2005

Cute Cat Film

My finacee Liz and I spent the afternoon lounging around, watching movies we rented from Blockbuster. Anyway, one film we took out is called "The Cat Returns" and it's an Anime film from Japan that has been imported and dubbed over by Disney. The story centers around Haru, a Japanese schoolgirl who saves the life of a magical cat and is transported to the "kingdom of cats."

Clearly, it's aimed at young children, but anyone who loves cats can appreciate the story. On the other hand, I think we'll rent this again the next time we have to baby sit Liz's four year old niece.


Anonymous said...

If you like cat movies, try Two Brothers - it's about 2 tigers that are separated as babies - a tearjerker but I really enjoyed it as they reminded me of my cat.

jancola said...

"The Cat Returns" is actually a sorta sequel to "Whispers of the Heart" which is out now, also, you should check that out. They are both Studio Ghibli, which is the king of anime studios.