Thursday, May 05, 2005

Is this the Face of a Slave Driver?

When I first started visiting the Cat Forums at, I'd always laugh at the people who referred to themselves as a "slave" to their cats. Now, I'm ready to refer to myself as a cat slave. The boys, Arthur especially, have me trained to do their bidding.

Several times a night, Arthur will want a attention and he'll stare at me and meow. I'll get up and he'll walk into the kitchen, beckoning me to follow, and of course, I always follow. Sometimes, he'll want a treat, but most often, he just wants to rub his head against the top of my foot and for me to give him a belly rub. I'll try to go back to what I'm doing but he'll keep meowing until I follow him back into the kitchen again. He's the king. How can I not do his bidding?


Peggy said...

Avram, they are growing into such handsome teenage cats! And yes, it doesn't take long to go from laughing at cat fanatics to becoming one yourself!
Keep the pics coming, and pet the boys for me and all their fans.

Anonymous said...

well, anyway, it's a pretty Face !

Katja said...

Wow, someone more cat crazy than me and a male cat person to boot! Great blog....keep it up. Nice cats. I have two female Ragdolls, Thelma and Louise. Maybe I will have to start blogging about them!