Friday, May 20, 2005

Just Call Him Dr. Beowulf

As I said before, I really have noticed that my cats have an ability to help me relax and focus on the positive things in life. Beowulf is particularly good at sensing when Liz or I need him and coming to sit on our legs or lean against us.

Yesterday, I had a sore wrist and he came and sat with me and, as I stroked him, the pain seemed to decrease. It was all psychological I'm sure, but it still felt good. When I stroke him and feel the vibration of his purr, a lot of stress and pain leaves my body.


Anonymous said...

Sweet picture. Looks like he's growing into his ears. C.C.

Grammie said...

Just look at that sweet little boy resting his little head on your leg. He is turning out to be a really wonderful little companion isn't he!
xxxooo Timmy's Grammie

socidoc said...

Both of your kitties are growing into very special little beings... some cats like your Beowulf have that 'sensitivity' (I believe they are reincarnated sensitive humans, and it happens the other way too!) which makes them into nurse-cats...there are clearly some people who are reincarnated 'sensitive' kitties too... I have a kitty like that. There's nothing better than having a soft, furry friend to cuddle with when we are feeling down!

maizzy said...

cute pic... how sweet that he conforts you in a time of need! Tk

Wendy said...

Avram - my present cat doesn't normally get into my lap much (she sleeps next to me in bed, but she prefers my husband's lap otherwise).

But if I am sick or blue, she homes right in on me and sits in my lap. I find that fascinating!