Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Send Them Forget Me Nots

I'm going on a short business trip in the near future, and the prospect of spending a few days without my boys is making me very nervous. The boys will be in good hands. My fiancee Liz will be taking care of them in my absence, but I'm wondering how this trip will affect our relationship.

Since adopting the boys on November 13th, I have never been away from them for more than 24 hours. Once or twice, I visited my parents overnight while Liz remained with the boys. On Christmas Eve, I left them home alone over night, but was home by 11 am the next morning.

I'm wondering if the boys will forget about me or think I abandoned them. I can call Liz from the road but I can't really call the boys. What can I do to stay on their minds while I'm out of sight? Liz suggested that I leave some smelly socks of mine for them to play with. Any ideas?


Jenn said...

Smelly Socks are a great idea! Maybe a shirt or something that can be rolled up so they can lay on it too... If you take their favorite toy and rub it in your hands for a while, that works too.

Believe me, they won't forget you. If they're anything like my Timothy, they'll all but have a ticker tape parade in your honor when you come home.

socidoc said...

Yes, do leave something pungent of yours around for them to play with. Guaranteed, they will *NOT* forget you. I've read in several places that cats remember people (and other animals) for at least a month... and I've actually been away for a month, and my cats, while they were pretty snooty to me for a few days, DID definitely remember me when I returned. You being gone only a few days will probably elicit VERY happy kitties when you return! Not to worry. And they'll be fine, with the familiarity of Liz around. They'll miss you, but they will be HAPPY to see you!

Grammie said...

Your boys will not forget you. When we first got Timmy, he had to have an operation and it just wouldn't heal. He was in the animal hospital for over 6 weeks. I am handicapped and couldn't visit him like Jenn did, but when he finally came home he never missed a beat. Went right for his litter box, water fountain and crunchies and rubbed figure 8's all over me. Your boys will definitely not forget you, but as everyone else said, leave a sweater or shirt or something of yours for them, and rub your hands over their favorite toys.

angua said...

They'll either give you a ticker-tape parade OR the cold shoulder when you come back. In ethier case, they definitely won't forget you.

You can always talk to them on the phone while you are gone, with Liz's help.

Wendy said...

Avram, how did they respond?
Our former cat would chide us for an hour when we returned from a trip - she was half-Siamese and very vocal.
Our current cat is much demonstrative. I was gone for a week, and she was happy to have me back to sleep with, but she didn't act like it was a big deal.
When both my husband and I go away, she loves the cat sitter so much that I think she hates to see us come back!

Anonymous said...

They will not forget you, as a lot of others have said. I went out of town over Christmas for 10 days, and when I got back our cat was sooo affectionate - he had definitely missed us, but remembered us when we got back and was really loving over the next few days. I left the blanket we sleep with out on top of the bed when we left so he could sleep on it.

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