Friday, June 17, 2005

Blogging and Cats: Both Contagious

I got a really nice comment from a reader name Alysha, who tells me she is both:

A. Starting her own cat blog, called The Purrsuit of a Princess


B. Looking to adopt her first cat.

It's a real honor to be able to inspire someone, just as I was inspired to adopt cats by my friend Franny Syufy,'s Cats Guide.

This reminds me that I mean to put up some advice posts for new cat people so that maybe I can help Alysha and others like her out a bit in their cat journeys.


Alysha said...

Thanks for the link, Avram! I feel so honored to have my link in your blog! Call me a little starry-eyed, but I hope to have an awesome cat blog like yours someday. =)

Give Arthur and Beowulf hugs for me!


Avram said...

I also put a link to you in my "other cat blogs" section of the navigation. Good luck in your search. My biggest two pieces of advice:

1. Get two cats together, preferably littermates.

2. Wait until you find the right cat(s) for you. If you have to visit a few different shelters or come home empty handed a few times, it's worthwhile. Remember, a healthy cat should live a long time so you wanna find one or two you can really fall in love with.

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