Monday, June 20, 2005

He Knocked My Socks Off!

Well, he didn't knock them off, but I always appreciate a good pun. Have I mentioned that Arthur loves feet and, not only does he love feet, but he loves socks that have been on feet without being washed. While I was away on a business trip a couple of weekends ago, my fiancee Liz gave Arthur some of my dirty socks to play with. He dragged them back to a cubby in the bookshelf and guarded them like some kind of sacred treasure.

Now, if I want to entertain him, I'll take a sock off and dangle it for him or throw it across the room.


Alysha said...

Hahaha! For cute! Especially the whole part about him guarding your socks while you were away! =)

What a little charmer...

Anonymous said...

"Sacred Treasure"! I love it. Just a little something to remember you by...This is what is so neat about cats, these oddball things they do! Lynne