Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Collar Me Bad

Ugh. Arthur has learned how to pull his collar off and he's now doing it several times a day. It's one of those breakaway collars and he's able to break it away at will. We've tried making it looser or tighter but it doesn't matter. Should I get him a new collar and, if so, what kind should I get? I want the collar to stay on, but I also want it to be safe. Any ideas?

Help Animal Victims of Hurricane Katrina

There's no doubt that, alongside the awful loss of human life and property in New Orleans, there are animal victims. Fortunately, the Louisiana SCPA had the foresight to evacuate over 260 homeless animals and move them to the Houston SPCA.

If you live near Houston, the SPCA would love for you to come adopt one of these animals or to donate small items like crates, paper towels, litter pans, etc.

If you don't live in the Houston area, you can donate money online.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Arthur and Beowulf's Good Deed

In honor of their birthday (which falls on September 1st), Arthur and Beowulf have donated $30 each to the Second Chance Fund at Bide-A-Wee, the place I adopted them from.

According to the Bide-A-Wee Web site, $30 allows their no-kill shelters to rescue a cat or dog from the New York City's Animal Care and Control unit (aka the pound) and house that animal until it's adopted into a loving home. The boys hope their donation is enough to help two homeless cats, but if the money goes to the dogs, they suppose they'll have to live with that. Bide-A-Wee was pretty darn good to them so this is their way of saying thanks.

I'm not the type to nag people, but Arthur and Beowulf have no shame and they would like you to know that if you've been inspired by this blog or you just like the idea of helping homeless animals, their birthday would be a great occasion to donate to Bide-A-Wee's Second Chance Fund by using Bide-A-Wee's online donation form.

If you do make a donation, drop me a line with the amount at so I can post to the blog and let people know how much money has been raised by readers. I have a coworker who also adopted his cat from Bide-A-Wee and he's promised to make a $30 donation so that puts us at $90.

P.S. -- You might be wondering how Arthur and Beowulf got $60. The truth is that I loaned it to them and I expect them to pay it back in trade, purrency if you will. I expect them to sit on my lap more often and stop climbing on the refrigerator. Iguess I should keep dreaming!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Boys' Birthday Coming Up

Arthur and Beowulf's birthday is coming up September 1st. We adopted them on November 13th of last year, but we know that the day they were born is September 1st, because the shelter workers told us so.

Most people who adopt cats don't know their exact birthday so we're very fortunate that our boys were born in the shelter so their exact date of birth is known. The shetler workers at Bideawee even had a picture (a color printout) of the boys nursing from their mother, but they wouldn't give it to us, instead handing us a black and white photocopy that is so dark I can't even scan it for this blog.

Now that their birthday is almost upon us, I am left with a couple of questions:

  • How should I celebrate their birthday?
  • How should I transition them to an adult diet?

I'm still working on the answers to both questions, but I have some ideas of how I want to celebrate.

Of course, I want to get them a nice cat tree as a present, but I also want to use this as an opportunity to help other cats by donating to an adoption group and encouraging others to do so. I'm still trying to decide what the best group is, but I'm inclined to go with Bideawee, the place I adopted the boys from.

I hate people who schill for causes or products, but maybe I can encourage a couple of donations through this blog and that would be a nice thing. What do you think?

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Climbing High

I think my boys may have answered my question about how high they can fall from without getting hurt. The other day, Beowulf was standing on top of the refrigerator and he saw me coming and leaped off, landing on the kitchen floor. I've seen him do it twice now, and while it makes a ton of noise, he seems none the worse for wear.

Of course, I'm not sure how bad it would be if he was thrown off after wrestling with his brother, rather than jumping off of his own volition. Would he still land on his feet? Also, I have to wonder if jumping from that height has long-term effects on a cats' joints. If I had to jump and land on my feet from that height every day, I'd get sore knees and ankles. Are cat joints that different? I hope so.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

How Far Can They Fall?

I recently got a nice comment from Josh, the founder of the Refined Feline, whose cat trees I have been procrastinating about getting for a couple of months now. I really have to order one of their trees, especially since the boys have been doing more countersurfing of late, even climbing on top of the fridge. They need some place to go. But which one should I get?

If I get the Lotus, it's 70" tall which is a nice height, but my boys tend to throw each other off of things when they wrestle. What happens if they fall from that height and land on the hardwood floor or on top of the metal cage? Would the Little Lotus or cat the Watchtower, at 48 and 44", be safer, given my boys' propensity to throw each other down? How far can a cat safely fall?

Monday, August 08, 2005

Toothpaste Gets the Brush-Off

Well, I finally tried something I should have tried about eight months ago. I tried brushing the boys' teeth. I'll try again tomorrow, but I don't think they liked the idea. I bought a few different kinds of tooth cleaner from Drs. Foster and Smith. I got:

I tried letting them lick the toothpaste off my finger. They sniffed my finger, but no real interest in the toothpaste. However, Beowulf was very interested in the dental paste. Unfortunately, the dental paste doesn't have flouride or any of the hardcore tartar-fighting stuff.

How do other people brush cats' teeth?