Monday, August 22, 2005

Boys' Birthday Coming Up

Arthur and Beowulf's birthday is coming up September 1st. We adopted them on November 13th of last year, but we know that the day they were born is September 1st, because the shelter workers told us so.

Most people who adopt cats don't know their exact birthday so we're very fortunate that our boys were born in the shelter so their exact date of birth is known. The shetler workers at Bideawee even had a picture (a color printout) of the boys nursing from their mother, but they wouldn't give it to us, instead handing us a black and white photocopy that is so dark I can't even scan it for this blog.

Now that their birthday is almost upon us, I am left with a couple of questions:

  • How should I celebrate their birthday?
  • How should I transition them to an adult diet?

I'm still working on the answers to both questions, but I have some ideas of how I want to celebrate.

Of course, I want to get them a nice cat tree as a present, but I also want to use this as an opportunity to help other cats by donating to an adoption group and encouraging others to do so. I'm still trying to decide what the best group is, but I'm inclined to go with Bideawee, the place I adopted the boys from.

I hate people who schill for causes or products, but maybe I can encourage a couple of donations through this blog and that would be a nice thing. What do you think?


Kaese Klan said...

Happy birthday to the boys. The cat tree is a great idea, and so is the donation to where you got them from. I usually give my kitties tuna fish (Chicken of the Sea) for their dinner on special days and a kitty toy.

From Patti, Mommy to Miss Priss, Boo-boo Kitty, Phoebe, Murphy and the Spaz.

Timmy said...

How about some Kitty Kaviar? Timothy loves it sooo much! And a new fun toy for the boys would be cute.

We celebrated Timothy's birthday by getting a mini carvel ice cream cake for ourselves ;) and he got a toy and fancy expensive treats.

-Jenn (Momma to Timothy Dickens)

The Whippy Curly Tails said...

We agree about the Tuna--not the kind in oil, just water based.

We also love Catnip...Cosmic Catnip...very fun stuff! =^..^= =^, _^=

Max said...

We've always celebrated Max's birthday with a piece of shrimp, his favorite. And of course he gets a toy, which he always ignores ;)

As to transitioning them to an adult diet, just start mixing adult food in with the kitten food. Start with about one quarter adult food to the rest of the kitten food, and go up in increments--whatever you feel comfortable with as long as they don't show digestive upset--over the course of a couple of weeks, and they should make the change just fine.

(thumper...max's person)

Miz said...

All 3 cats share Smudgies birthday, April 22. Her first birthday I invited friends over for lobster and shrimp....we all shared a bite with her. She was in hog heaven. Now its a can of tuna and a new toy or two. (Maybe a shrimp or two as well)

kan said...

The vote from the kitty crew around here is that you should serve up little bits of fried chicken. No fried parts, just little bits of white meat. Not too much though. Catnip bucket is also a big them stick their furry heads into the bucket.

Muddy, said...

Happy Birthday! Your might want to get your pet human to take their digital camera to the shelter and take a picture of the picture of you. Sometimes my human does things like that and gets a pretty good image. -- Muddy,

Anonymous said...

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY ARTHUR AND BEOWULF. I know that your Daddy will see that you get a proper birthday. Of all the millions of people in New York City who could have adopted you both, you were lucky to get the very best Daddy in the city. You have a good, loving and caring Daddy who puts your health, happiness and other concerns FIRST. During this second year, I hope that you are very loving and considerate of your Daddy as he wants the very best for you in all aspects of your lives. Please stop getting on the refrigerator and jumping down
as you could break your legs. I am the proud Daddy of two traditional Siamese cats: Miss Chocolate, a Chocolate Point, and Mr. Dexter, a Seal Point, and they come first in my life, so I know what you boys mean to your Daddy. Have a Happy Birthday and many more to come.
Mr. B

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