Thursday, September 22, 2005

Something's Bugging Us

There appears to be an infestation of some sort of bug coming out from the baseboard in the wall directly behind the boys' food and water bowls. The bugs are so small, at first we thought they were pieces of dust or litter, but when we saw them moving, we knew they were alive. It looks like, based on pictures I've seen on the Internet, they could be firebrats or silverfish.

We sprayed some Poison-Free Ant and Roach Killer around the baseboard two days ago and we hadn't seen any since then, but I vacuumed near the baseboard this evening and a whole bunch of little bugs were little sucked out, some still squirming (yech!).

I live in an apartment, but I'm a little reticent about having the building management call their exterminator, because he sprays toxic stuff that the boys could end up ingesting. I don't care to bait these things, b/c really my main goal is just to keep them away from my apartment. If my neighbors get them, well . . . they need to do the same thing.


Anonymous said...

kitties need 2 b outta the house/apt when an exterminator comes. i know someone who left his cat and that night the cat vomited. he was so tired that he decided 2 take the cat 2 the vet the next AM, but when he woke up, his cat was already dead. the exterminators said that what they did should've been safe but then why did his cat get sick right away and then die?

socidoc said...

I totally agree with the poster above. You NEED TO TAKE THE BOYS AWAY (board them at the vets, perhaps) for at least 24 hours after spraying. Even the stuff you've already done could potentially be harmful to the boys. If they haven't shown any symptoms yet, they are likely OK, but next time you use ANY KIND of bug poison GET THE BOYS OUT! And of course, also, air out the apartment very well, for your own health! Most exterminators will claim that their products are non-toxic, but does that really make sense? They kill bugs which are often very hardy little critters! It does sound like they may be silverfish (we also have those here on the west coast) which I think are harmless (?) but are definitely creepy. Good luck!!!
Keep those cute pix coming!!

Doll said...

If the space is large enough try putting some cedar blocks under there. Cedar acts like moth balls and keeps the bugs out, but of course it's non toxic and smells better. Places like Bed Bath and Beyond, and The Container Store, sell cedar blocks in all forms, balls, thin slides, thick slides, spray, etc.

Anonymous said...

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