Wednesday, October 12, 2005

CFA Cat Show: A Spiritual Experience

I have been lax in this blog and for that I must apologize to those of you who read it regularly. I really can't get into it in this space, but I've had a lot on my mind of late.

This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to attend the CFA Cat Show in New York. For those who are unfamiliar, the CFA show is a little like the AKC show for dogs, only much smaller and more chaotic. There were hundreds of breeders showing their cats and there were different rings where you could see cats being judged, but there were no microphones so you couldn't really hear what was going on in any of the rings.

There were also several vendors giving free samples of cat food, treats, and toys. I wish there had been more, but it was something to see.

Anyway, I had been feeling sorry for myself, but then I saw all the beauty there, all those cats, and I just felt myself at peace. There really is beauty in the world and you can see it in every furry face.


DEBRA said...


Glad to see you back. You have been missed. I follow your blog often and I always enjoy your insights, and reading your love for "your boys".

Hope your load lightens up so it would easier for you to come back to blogging!

socidoc said...

Hello Avram
Welcome back! We've missed you! I read your blog every day and I am so happy to see you again. Hope things smooth out for you soon, and you did the *right thing* by going to a cat show. Cats have magical powers to heal. Talk to your boys about your issues and they will listen! Looking forward to hearing from you more often. Take care.

baileyshelby said...

Welcome Back!!! Yes, I read your blog daily too!!! Don't let life get you down, especially since you are so young!!! Life will throw fast balls at you, trust me. Take care of yourself.

baileyshelby said...

Oh and that cat at the show, Blue Pt siamese, is gorgeous!! I have 3 myself.

biljounc said...

Glad to see you back. I too took a break but I have been posting my blog since September.

Adelle said...

Avram, I love this blog! I haven't commented yet but I had to make one here - I used to show Persian cats at CFA shows - my blue persian took a 4th place for best in show for the entire NW region many moons ago! Aren't the shows fun? The problem is all of those breeders have those wonderful kitties for sale... and well, you know how that can be.

I am so happy that these two guys are with you. Life without cats would be very flat indeed. How can anyone sleep without hearing the music of a purr?