Sunday, November 13, 2005

Adoptiversary Day

Today marks exactly one year since we brought Arthur and Beowulf home to live with us. It is, without a doubt, the best decision my fiancee Liz and I ever made together. I look back now at those first few kitten months with some nostalgia, but I actually am enjoying my boys more and more as they mature and our relationship grows.

There are still a number of things I have procrastinated about doing with them, which I need to still:

  • Start an Aggressive Tooth Brushing Campaigh: We have so many different brands of toothpaste and brushes, but they have rejected everything we've tried so I gave up for a while, but that's not good.

  • Buy Pet Health Insurance: I'm probably going to do that very soon. Money has been tight, but the pet health insurance is really a benefit to me, more than to them. If they get sick and it's expensive, I will clean out my savings or selling things to pay for their care so having insurance is really having peace of mind that I won't need to bankrupt myself to help them.

  • Get a Good Cat Tree: Been meaning to do this, but money is tight and I keep putting it off. However, a good piece of furniture would be good for them and they deserve it.

  • Train Them: I have a book on cat training, but it has been hard to train both at once so we have to find a way of putting one in another area while we train the other.

However, I would say that we have made some good strides in the food area, as we found the boys really like Avoderm Select Cuts and Solid Gold wet food and they are willing to eat, but not necessarily in love with Wellness Super5Mix dry.


Thu said...

Congratulations on your Adoptiversary! :)

I adopted two cats, too, and relate to some of the things you're going through.

For the 'cat training', do you mean tricks or general obedience? Although my cats don't really obey, they'll do tricks. And I trained them together. I have found that one cat will 'get' some tricks more quickly than the other. Of course, it's hard to train them to learn their names when they're always together, so I haven't really trained on that. One cat seems to know his name.

Thanks for sharing your experiences and for spreading the word on how wonderful cats are as companions.

Avram said...

I want to train them to come when I call

Anonymous said...

congrats on the year with ur fur babies! and who said u can't train cats like dogs? my kitties both know SIT. the older 1 is a smarty so she was easy 2 train she even learned the kitten's name b4 he did and would leave when we called him b4 they became friends. i also taught her to sit in my lap 4 treats in the AM and the little one learned by watching her. i didn't have 2 teach him. he was a little slower 2 learn 2 sit but now he knows. the older 1 automatically sits 2 get her food and the younger 1 won't do it right away but he eventually always does it cuz he won't get his canned food otherwise! and about brushing their teeth, if u just keep doing it, they usually get used 2 it after a while. keep at it!

DEBRA said...


I recently saw on TV where they said to get a cat use to having it's teeth brushed use a tiny little bit of a toothpaste that they don't mind the taste of and put it on the end of your finger and go very slowly. They will reject it, but to keep at it and eventually move up to the brush. I haven't tried it, and I can imagine the results I would have... probably the same as I had when I tried to put a collar on. My Tuxedo ended up with one leg through the collar. She was NOT going to keep that thing on. Since she is totally indoors, I don't worry about her. She isn't going to get out of the house! The tooth brushing is a good thing, if only we could convince them of that!