Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Boys Make Another Donation

On the boys' actual birthday, I made a $60 donation to Bideawee's Second Chance Fund. Today, I made another one. I encourage everyone to make a donation to a local or national animal charity to give back for the gifts our cats give every day.

According to Bideawee (the shelter where I adopted my boys), a $30 donation to The Second Chance Fund helps remove a dog or cat that is about to be euthanized from a city shelter and give that animal a space at Bideawee's shelter until someone can adopt it into a loving home. I hope that by giving $60, two animals can get a second chance at life.

My friend and colleague Franny Syufy, offers a list of suggestions on how to celebrate your cats' birthday or adoptiversary day and one of them is to donate to an animal charity. Follow that one if nothing else.

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