Friday, November 25, 2005

Turkey Has This Effect on People

Yesterday, my fiancee Liz and I hosted our first thanksgiving ever. In the past, we've always gone to our parents' houses, but this year we hosted. We had eight people over which is the most company we've had at one time since adopting the boys last year.

I was worried that Arthur and Beowulf would jump up on the dinner table or on the kitchen counter, but actually they were very well behaved and slept through almost the entire affair. I gave them Solid Gold Blended Tuna, rather than turkey, for their feast.

After all the guests had gone and we had cleaned up, I sat down on the couch and Arthur came over to sit next to me. Before I realized what was happening, I had fallen asleep and Beowulf had come to join his brother. Liz snapped this picture of us.


socidoc said...

Awwwwww... everybody's taking a nap after the feast! How very very cute! (thank you Liz)

Abby and Sophie's mom said...

Are you sure that the boys didn't get any turkey? They're sure sleeping just like you - stoned on triptophan. :-)

Seriously, glad you had a happy thanksgiving and the boys were so well behaved for your guests.

Rahel said...

I can just hear the sound effects in this picture: "Zzzzz ... purr ... zzzz ..."

I can't get enough of looking at your beautiful boys.

Anonymous said...

The boys didnt get Turkey but they did get plenty of excitement over the day from us cleaning to all the people over and paying them so much attention including my 4 year old cousin.

A nice quiet end to a busy day.