Saturday, December 31, 2005

Arthur Asks for Attention

Arthur often comes and meows behind my chair when I'm working at the computer. If I ignore him for even a moment or I pet him and then stop before he's ready, he'll tap at the chair and tap at me as if to say "hey, I want your undivided attention." Sometimes, he'll even go back and forth between Liz's chair and mine while we both work on the computer, alternating bellyrubs from each of us.

Here, Liz caught a small glimpse of Arthur's nagging on tape:

View this clip on Vimeo

Here's the photo version for those of you who have a hard time viewing the video:

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socidoc said...

LOL Avram and family,
My kitties do the same thing, except they are perched on a bed behind my computer chair, so they can tap my *shoulder*... my littlest one, Lucy, even jumps on top of the back of the chair (very narrow up there) and perches until I pet her! Kitties are such little love-bunnies!