Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Loss of a Purrfect Inspiration

Before I decided to adopt my boys, I did a lot of reading and one of the sites I read most was Cats. Franny Syufy, the writer who runs, has become a good friend of mine and her articles about her cats, particularly 18-year-old Bubba, inspired me to adopt cats of my own. I never met Bubba but I felt I knew him after reading "Bonding with Bubba."

Yesterday, Franny called me to say that her beloved Bubba had to be put to sleep after a brief, but serious illness. My heart goes out to her and selfishly I start to think of how lucky I am that my boys are still healthy. Eighteen years is a long life for a cat, but it's not long enough when that cat is one of your closest companions.


DEBRA said...

I agree with you Avram. IT's never enough. Kitty purrs and headbutts to Franny on the loss of Bubba.

socidoc said...

My love to Franny. Recently I went thru the same thing with my 16 year old Bessie. (((((Franny)))))
If our fur-babies are lucky enough to live to old age, they do let us know when it's time to go. My heart is with her today.