Sunday, December 18, 2005

My Evening with Arthur

Last night was one of those times when I wish I had someone around with a camera, but I was alone with the boys so I can only describe what happened. My fiancee Liz was away for the evening and I was feeling a little lonely.

After I came back from holiday shopping with a friend, I sat down at the computer and figured I'd do some work, but Arthur had other plans.

When Arthur wants attention (as he often does when I am working on the computer), he will come up behind my chair and start meowing. If I don't turn around immediately, bend over, and give him a belly rub, he will get on his hind legs and start tapping me with his paws or clawing at the back of my chair. If I start petting him and then turn back to my work before he's bored of me, he will tap at me again.

Last night, he came by my chair and he just wouldn't leave me alone. I figured this was a good sign that I should go lie down on the couch and watch a movie so maybe Arthur and Beowulf could come sit with me.

I picked out a movie to watch and lied down on the couch to watch it. Arthur climbed into my chair and fell asleep while Beowulf climbed into the kitty bed and slept there. I saw Arthur sleeping and rolled the chair over to the couch so I could stroke him while I watched the movie.

I stuck out on my hand and Arthur lay his head on top of my palm and slept wrapped around my arm for an hour. This is nothing new for him, but what happened later was a first. He got up out of the chair and came to lie down on my chest and curled up right on top of my heart. I could feel the vibration of his purr was stronger than my own pulse and I've never felt so relaxed. Only a cat can make a person feel that way.


Franimar said...

"Only a cat can make a person feel that way". No truer words were ever spoken! I feel like something is missing if one of my crew isn't cuddling up on me. People who've never owned a cat don't know what they're missing.

DEBRA said...

It's the validation that they give us, and it is true, someone who has never shared the company of a cat would ever understand. It always amazes me the preception that cats aren't highly emotional creatures towards their guardians.

Sidney said...

That reminds me a moment of real kinship and bonding I experienced with my cat, Miss Daisy. She was curled up on my chest one winter night as I lay on our sofa. We had a fire in our fireplace and the logs were burning down to that point of glowing embers. It caught my attention and I gazed into the glow for a while, my thoughts wandering. Then I realized that Daisy's attention had been captured as well and that we had both been focused on the same thing. Yes, they are wonderful and perceptive.

Magoo, Smudge, Bella & Dolce said...

We have four cats and they will all sleep in the bed with us. There have been nights when you can not hear your own thoughts as they purr and groom themselves all at the same time. It does put you in touch with something greater when you can reach down and touch a furry tummy and instantly feel the purr reverberate through your hand

Petey said...

Is there nothing more wonderful than the sound of a cat's purr.