Friday, December 02, 2005

Ready for the Holidays

Liz and I are an interfaith couple so it's only right that we let our furchildren play with both a dreidel and a santa hat.

Here's Arthur celebrating Hanukkah a little early:

And here's Beowulf getting ready for Christmas:

Finally, Arthur decided that he was getting really annoyed with my dangling of the hat in front of him:


JazzyB said...

I love your blog Avram, and come and check in often. Your boys are so cute! I wish I had a faster connection, but I only have dial-up, so I can't see the videos. Bummer! So more regular pics please! Thanks!

Jeffrey Beckwith said...

First, I love the blog and the cat adoption chronicle.

My wife and I lost a cat at the end of summer to Feline Leukemia. Trillian bore a striking resemblance to Beowulf and also loved to be picked up. A regular purr factory when en lap.

A week after her death, a pregnant Tuxedo cat showed up at our place and practically knocked on the door. I think we have some sort of metaphysical flashing sign letting area strays know where to come for food and shelter.

Mother and brood have been vaccinated and virtually taken over the place now. I really think that we're the pets and they're the dominant species.

On another note -- which can be edited out as not relevant to the comment -- I've been trying to contact you concerning business. The mail form at your geek-in-chief site seems to be broken. I'll check back and see if its fixed, or please drop me a line if you have the time at jeffrey at

Thanks, and enjoy the additions to the family.