Sunday, December 11, 2005

They Know What Cameras Are!

We recently got a camcorder (all the videos I posted here up until last week were shot with the 30-second video feature of a digital camera not a real camcorder) and the boys seem to know what it is and dislike being filmed.

Why do I say this? If they are doing something exciting and we point the camcorder at them, they will stop what they are doing and sit still. If we have the camcorder out and we try to entice them to do something tapeworthy, they won't go for it. However, the second we put the camera away, they will chase the rattling ball or carry a sock in their mouths. Could they really have a concept of cameras and a dislike of them? The camcorder doesn't shine in their eyes like the still camera does, but they still dislike it.


baileyshelbycody said...

I totally think they know. I have cats that love the camera!!! Most don't.

Anonymous said...

My guess -- and I'm no cat expert -- is that they think it's a still camera and are "posing."

Max said...

Oh yeah, cats know. Max hates the camera and always looks away, but Buddah sees it and *poses* for pictures. He seems to think everyone should be able to see how pretty he is LOL