Sunday, September 24, 2006

Whiskers in our Wedding Pictures

After many years of saving up the money and waiting for the right time, my fiancee Liz and I recently set our wedding date for June of 2007. After we put down the deposit on the wedding hall back in June, the real wedding planning began. Liz has already chosen her bridesmaids and ordered a wedding dress.

As the groom in this affair, I don't have as many things to think about as Liz. So I've started to wonder how we can include our cats or our love of cats in the festivities.

Clearly, we can't expect Arthur and Beowulf to attend the wedding ceremony or reception. We are having the ceremony and reception at a catering hall and, even if the hall allowed us to bring pets, it would be pretty selfish of us to drag them out of the house and expect them not to get lost or injured or scared in a strange place.

However, I do have some ideas of how to involve our cats in our wedding:

  • Take a Photo: One of my coworkers has a picture of his wife in her wedding gown and himself in his tuxedo, with both of them holding their cat. I asked him how this picture was taken and he told me that they had had a photographer take the picture at their apartment on the morning of their wedding.

    Unfortunately, Liz and I are getting married at a place which is about an hour and a half from our apartment. We will be staying over at a hotel the night before and the night of our wedding so taking a wedding picture with the boys may not be possible. I asked Liz if we could stage the photo at some point after our wedding by getting dressed up in our wedding gear and taking the picture at home and she said that her dress has some beads that could fall off and be swallowed. Also, staging the picture seems somewhat fake to me. I feel like our boys should see us on our wedding day and I would be willing to take a limo into the city after the reception just so we could stop by and see the boys.

  • Feature our Cats on our Wedding Invitation: We're probably going to print our own invitations and I would love to find a way of including a picture of the boys on the invitation.

  • Encourage Donations to Animal Charities: Perhaps this sounds tacky, but I'll just throw it out there as a concept. I would love to find a way to encourage our wedding guests to donate to an animal charity like the ASPCA or Bideawee Shelter (where we adopted the boys). I had thought about asking for donations in lieu of wedding gifts, but Liz would like to register for all the normal things people get when they are married (flatware, cookware, etc.), and I can't really blame her for wanting those typical things.

    Another thought we had was to donate a few dollars in the name of each guest and give that instead of a thank-you gift. That might also go over like a lead balloon. Any ideas?

  • Get a Cat Cake Topper: I would love to find a cake topper with a cat bride and groom or with a human bride and groom surrounded by orange cats. I've seen some sites that will custom make a topper for you, but they are hundreds of dollars and it's a little wasteful to spend more than $50 on a cake topper, IMHO.

  • Name Tables at the Reception after Cats: Besides the Beowulf table and the Arthur table, we'd have to think of other cats for the rest of the tables if we want to have a consistent theme. I suppose we could have a Morris table.

Anyway, these ideas might seem a bit silly to some and, if you think I'm being impractical, I can't blame you. It's just that Arthur and Beowulf are such a huge part of our lives. We were engaged before the boys came into our lives, but adopting them really brought Liz and me closer together and made us a real family.


Blondie said...
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Blondie said...

OK, so I put a really cute cat figurine link on here, but it wouldn't copy right. I thought maybe you could put small orange cats on your cake next to your cake topper. To see a suggestion, google "miniature cat orange climbing" and you should see a link to Mott's Miniature... Shop. If you click on that link, you'll see very cute cat figurines for under $10. My idea was to have one climbing onto the top of the cake to be with you and then maybe the other one could be stretching somewhere on the cake. OK, I clearly have too much time on my hands...sorry. :)

Wendy said...

Blondie, great idea, those are lovely little miniatures.

I'd worry that a cat bride and groom would be just too cutesy. But a couple of those little orange kitties on the cake would be nice.

Your invitation could have a photo of the 2 of you with the 2 cats, that would be appropriate.

I agree with Liz, a wedding is your best chance to score household stuff from friends and relatives. And face it, you've probably bought at least as much stuff for others over the years, so it's just fair. 21 years later, we are still using everything we got for the wedding.

Dogs and often be worked into the ceremony, but cats are just different. Shower them with love before and after the ceremony and they will be happy enough.

DEBRA said...

I was going to suggest having your cake made with some orange and white kitties climbing up the side. I am sure that can be done without a lot of extra expense.

I think it's wonderful you want to include the boys in your wedding plans. It will mean a great deal to you when you look back at all the plans you made for your upcoming nuptials.

A picture of the 4 of you on your wedding invitation would be great.

BTW who will be taking care of them while you two are gone on your honeymoon?

Franny said...

Okay, here goes, Avram:

- Feature our Cats on our Wedding Invitation

I think that would be a super idea, depending on how formal you want the invitation to be. If a fold-over invitation, you could put a pic of you and Liz each holding a cat, or photoshop something with all four of you in the picture.

If you didn't want pictures, you could do a "tongue in cheek" formal invitation, with "Arthur and Beowulf take great pleasure in inviting you...

I've never heard of thank you *gifts* but customs might have changed in the past 48 years. ;)

>>>Get a Cat Cake Topper<<<

I love the figurines on the page Blondie tried to link to. I'll try it here, and hope it works. I bet it would be pretty easy to have the climbing orange cat trying to climb the (bride and groom) cake topper, and the other orange and white cat poses are also delightful for placing on each layer of the cake.

>>>Name Tables at the Reception after Cats<<<

Super idea. How many tables will you have at the reception? Morris, and of course, Garfield both come to mind.

Hope you'll post pictures next June. I sure wish I could be there in purrson, but I sure will in spirit!

Avram said...

We're still working on getting a cat sitter to stay over in the apartment during the honeymoon. It may be Liz's nephew who did it for us once before or it may be another friend of ours.

We will get someone to stay over, because I would never leave them alone and I don't like the idea of putting them in a kennel.

socidoc said...

I love it that you and Liz are being so thoughtful about including the boys...

You definitely should (IMO) include them in the invitation somehow. Either like Franny said, use them like "Arthur and Beowulf (and others?) would like to invite you..." but IF YOU CAN, please do include a picture of them on the invite too.

As for a pic of you in your wedding togs and the kitties... personally if it were me... I definitely *would* hire that limo and that photog to go to your apt. after or before (after is probably better, in terms of less stressful) the ceremony to get a shot of you all dressed up "with the boys". I think that would be a pic you would treasure forever.

You maybe could think about putting little contribution "envelopes" at the reception (if it's a sit down meal, at each place setting) and have somebody make an announcement that you would both appreciate any donations made and put into the envelopes (the envelopes could be pre-addressed to the shelter, wherever)...or... you could have a big bowl/fishbowl marked with the names of the shelter, and announce that you would welcome cash/check donations into the bowls... AT THE RECEPTION. Thus, you and Liz would have already received your own personal wedding gifts, which I also totally understand Liz wanting and needing.

INCLUDE the boys and the shelter cats!!!

Love your blog Avram. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

CynCyn said...

my brother and his then fiance (now wife) took a cute picture of themselves, and had those made into personalized stamps for the wedding invitations. You could use a couple cute pictures of you, your fiance, and the 2 cats. Use one pic for the stamp on the invitation, one pic for the return postage. Just a suggestion! Congratulations on setting a date!

Courtney said...
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Courtney said...

I am getting married myself in May, so this has helped get me thinking. I don’t know if you are doing “Save the Date” cards, but you could use a picture of the 4 of you and put a magnet on the back. I think that would be easy to accomplish and then your invitations could be more formal.

Also, if you have a wedding webpage, like at or something, you can ask for donations to the ASPCA or humane societies in honor of your marriage if they don’t find a traditional gift they want to give. My fiancĂ© and I both have our own places, so we won’t need much in the way of actual gifts and I doubt anyone is willing to buy us a bedroom set.

Anyway, back to you… Two friends of mine who got married recently (although I did not attend the wedding) and gave a monetary gift in honor of their guests to the place they met (a Wesley Foundation on a college campus). I thought that was wonderful and a great idea. I think they printed up a little something simple for each guest letting them know. You could maybe write up a little bit about the boys and how much the mean to you and Liz, and then let them know that you are giving money to whatever charity you decide on. Then you could roll it up, tie a ribbon around it, and place it at each seat.

On a side note, I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I recently adopted two kittens, Dusty and Buster, and they are my babies. Your blog has helped with some purchases and getting through a bit of sickness, so thank you!

Congratulations to you and Liz and keep us readers posted on what you do!!

Courtney said...

Also, it is YOUR wedding! You do what you want to do. It is all about you and Liz (and the boys). Your guests should be excited for you and not what they get as a thank you gift. Just thought I would say that.

My fiance and I are getting married on a cruise. It is simple and then the honeymoon starts right away. We will have a cook-out or something for our family and friends when we get back. We are doing what we want to do and I encourage you and Liz to do the same. :)

Carrie said...

I like the idea of the cats climbing up the cake- or have the miniture cats playing/ sleeping/ looking cute on top of the cake, next to the bride and groom cake topper.

As for asking for donations for a charity as a wedding present- I've seen websites where the couple puts together a registry online, and for every item purchased on that website, a percentage goes to a charity they pick. You get stuff, the charity gets money- everybody is good!

as for pictures- I know my two cats wouldn't sit through it, being totally afraid of strangers- but don't let the thought of them eating beads off a wedding dress stop you- the beads are probably too small to be noticed by cats, and if eaten, will go right through them. Larger beads that could cause a problem will be noticed if they come loose off the wedding dress.

angua said...

Our wedding invitation had our three cats on it, and everyone loved it. (Even the people who thought they were "model" anonymous cats, and not our brood.) Of course, our wedding was 25 people at City Hall, followed by a lunch -- it sounds like yours will be a more elaborate affair.

I think little orange cats together with the bride and groom would be charming.

Some people also display various photos at the wedding -- where they met, their trips, etc. Sometimes they also have photos of relatives who are no longer with us, or who are far away. You can have some cat photos as well.

angua said...

Oh, and Mazal Tov! (Plus Shanah Tova.)

Tami W. said...

Have you thought about having a money dance and donating the collected money to the shelter of your choice?

Just a thought. :)

Dog advicer said...

Why don't you think of donating few dollars to cat rescue centers of your area on the eve of your wedding?
Happy wedding!!!
All the best!
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jancola said...

Avram, someone on my wedding forum posted this idea to incorporate her cat... she had a signature drink named after her. She posted a message from her cat at the bar, with a pic, that went something like this.

Hello Everybody,
My two favorite people are getting married today, but I can't be here. I had a pressing appointment to sleep on the couch. In my place I sent a special drink, just ask for the [Signature drink]. It's purrfect.
Meow meow meow,

Since your cat's are orange, you could have a variant on a screwdriver named after them. Just a (really long) thought.

Anonymous said...

I am from the south, so I'm not sure if this is common practice everywhere, but usually at the wedding there is the white wedding cake, along with a groom's cake (usually chocolate). The groom's cake usually always has a theme that reflects a hobby or passion of the groom (football, golf, etc.). You could get a groom's cake made in the shape of two orange cats... it is really wild to see what cake makers can do these days! I'm sure if you search online there are tons of bakers in New York that specialize in those type of fun cakes.

Just Sharlene said...

First of all, I love the idea of you including your cats in your wedding. Maybe you can wear them up in tuxedo for cats, snap photos of 4 of you and include it in your wedding invitation.

Nic said...

I recently ent to a weding where all the tables were named after make of motorbike once owned by the groom. I love the idea of naming tables after cats - if you can't think of persona cat names, you could always name them after breeds of cat. I know the boys aren't specific breeds, but it does make a link.

Rae said...


My parents, who are also big cat lovers (they replaced all 5 of us with cats as we left for college) and they recently got a cat stroller. It's amazingly adorable to use. If you guys dress it up right, I don't see why you couldn't include them in the ceremony!


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Anonymous said...

O.K., I'm going out on a limb here. I am a cat lover from way back. I love your ideas for including the "boys" on your wedding invitations and I think the cats on the wedding cake will be adorable. But, you have to know that most of your guests wont give a !@**#. And most importantly, if you really know cats, they will not care one bit about any of this. I guess what I am saying is don't spend money unnecessarily for limos and the like. The cats love you regardless of all that hoopla. They just want you to hurry back from the honeymoon and love them!

Anonymous said...

We had a cat wedding topper- the groom was orange and the bride is Siamese. It was designed by Toni Goffe for her Cool Cats line. The product is called "I Love You- David & Victoria". If you want to see a picture, email me at

Anonymous said...

I had personalised stamps made with a photo of my cat - I used the stamps for the wedding invitations.

Anonymous said...

My friend included her cats in the best way: instead of buying little wedding favors which most guests are usually too drunk to remember take home, she decided to have each guest pick out their favorite animal charity and donated a few dollars per guest to it. you could have arthur's favorite charity and beowolf's favorite charity and the guests could decide between the two.

Jennifer O. said...

I love the idea of donating to the shelter where you got them (perhaps in leiu of giving wedding favors). We did something like that for our wedding. I would suggest you make individualized scrolls with their photo and some text about why you're making the donation. (We made table tents and many people did not see them on the tables.)

Personalized stamps with photos of the boys would also be great.

Anonymous said...

The only good idea you had was the charity, the others are just boring and ridiculous. By the way thinking that 50 dollars is too much to spend on a cake topper when you are supporting the whole wedding industry, is preposterous. The entire affair is going to be frivolous and wasteful.

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