Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blanket Cats

If Liz wants Beowulf and Arthur to sit on her lap, all she needs to do is whip out the fleece blanket. The other day it was particularly cold in the apartment, because the building hadn't turn the heat on (now they have). So Liz took out the blanket and the boys came running.

Cat in blanket

Cats on blanket


socidoc said...

*big smile*
Awwwwww Avram and Liz... your boys are SO durned cute!!! Just feel like I could squeeze 'em and skrinch 'em!! (((((Beowulf and Arthur)))))

Blondie said...

Love it!

2cats2 said...

So precious... I have a cat that loves to crawl under the covers in my bed, then she'll turn herself around and wriggle up til just her little head is out, and that's the way she'll sleep, with the covers up to her neck just like a human.