Sunday, October 29, 2006

Chair Chewers

LIz and I are about to buy her a new desk chair, but we're concerned that the boys will destroy it as they did her previous desk chair.

Back when we first adopted the boys, Liz and I had matching leather desk chairs. Unfortunately, the boys started biting and clawing at the bottom of Liz's chair so that a hole opened up and some stuffing came out. The chair was still usable but we didn't want the boys to eat any filling or loose staples from the bottom of the chair so we gave it to my parents and Liz bought a new chair with a plastic bottom about a year and a half ago.

The chair with the plastic bottom was never very comfortable and recently became so uncomfortable that she needs to put a pillow on the chair to sit comfortably. We went to our local office stores (Staples and Office Depot) and looked at several chairs, but we didn't find any with solid plastic bottoms that were even a little bit comfortable. All the chairs have cloth bottoms with staples used to hold the cloth in place. We already had to replace our dining room chairs with all-wood chairs after the boys kept pulling string off the bottoms. This office chair doesn't have any loose string on its bottom but it does have fabric.

We saw one chair at Staples that's a little bit pricey but incredibly comfortable. Our concern is that we're going to buy this wonderful chair and the boys are going to rip open the bottom of the chair and ruin it. Any ideas as to how we could keep them messing with the underside?

We don't care if they sit on the chair; we just don't want them to start pulling the fabric off the bottom. Any ideas? Our first thought is to spray the bottom of the chair with bitter apple spray, something we have used with limited effectiveness on wires. Has anyone else had the same problem?


iampjs said...

You could try that double sided sticky tape. You can probably get some good ideas at PetSmart. Hope it works!!

Been there, done that said...

Be very careful with tape, I am not watching and waiting to see if the tape Lexi???? ate will come through ok. Or surgery...

Been there, done that said... should say, "I am NOW watching" sorry.