Saturday, November 11, 2006

Reading with the Boys: A Friday Night Tradition

I try to spend quality time with the boys every day, but Friday nights lately have become a special time for me to lie on the couch with a book while the boys come to cuddle. Tonight, Arthur decided to sleep between my legs and Beowulf later joined us and leaned on my leg. Without a doubt, this is the most serene feeling.

Reading with Arthur and Beowulf

Reading with Arthur and Beowulf

Arthur and Beowulf Sleep on My Leg


DEBRA said...


Those two boys of yours look so happy. I have so enjoyed watching and reading about the two of them.

socidoc said...

All I can say is... oh, my gosh... I wish my kitties would do that! They love you so much!

Fat Eric said... cute and cuddly! I sleep upside down on my human like Arthur is doing. And I drool on them - do Arthur and Beowolf drool when they are happy? They look furry relaxed.

Avram said...

They don't drool, but they do rub their cheeks against me with their mouths open.

Lisa said...

That's my idea of a purrrrrrfect way to spend an evening.