Saturday, March 31, 2007

Anyone Heard of Orijen Cat Food?

I was looking at the very long list of fancy cat foods that use Menu Foods and the very small number that don't use Menu Foods.

On the list, I saw a new, rare brand called Orijen. This stuff sounds really good. It's 45% crude protein! I'd have to special order it since it's not even available in New York State yet.

What do you think?


Marina Prostakova said...

thank you for the link!
ingredients sound pretty good - although i am not a big fan of "meal" being 2nd and 3rd ingredients (but that's me), and potato worries me as a source of carbs - you see, my cats are on a chunky side.
i would also be cautious about such high content of protein and fat - one has to feed an adult cat what? 1/2 cup per day - no free-feeding, that is for sure. other than that - sounds good!

Beau Beau & Angie said...

I haven't seen Orijen anywhere around here (CT). Since cats are carnivores I would think the more protein the better unless they were older and already having health problems and a problem processing a high protein diet. For some reason my cats get itchy from most foods and I have been sticking with one food for them and it's working so far and luckily isn't on the Menu Foods recall list.

michelle said...

Have you ever considered making your own cat food? With all this contaminated food going around I am thinking about doing it! I've been looking at these websites.

Marina Prostakova said...

i researched dry vs. canned food way before the recall as i had to switch my cats from one to another and was considering raw diet and/or making my own food. and those two sites michelle is referring to - i liked them very much, or, at least, i found a lot of useful info there.

there is also a dehydrated cat food - Prowl at - have not tried and have not researched the company;

or, one can buy frozen mice by pallets (sorry - but cats are hunters!) - it is usually fedex-ed overnight - some say it's the best raw food...

Beau Beau & Angie said...

What we're also wondering about is where are all the cat blogger's comments about these topics? It seems to us that with such an important topic that it would be plastered all over everyone's blogs whether it's political or not just because it's so important to their animal's LIFE. Again, thanks for all the research on this and we'll be adding information to our personal website as well.

michelle said...

After doing a fair amount of internet research, it seems there are many sources of information that directly contradict eachother. I was reading
and al ot of what I read contradicted what I read in the links I previously posted. I will be taking my kitties to the vet on Tuesday for their annual check-up, so I'll talk it through with him at that time. It's so frustrating to not know what to feed my cats. I only want the best for them.

Anonymous said...

Orijen was available in Canada starting in the Fall of 2006. I have been using it for my cat since then and have had no problems. I also know a number of people who have started using Orijen and their cats are doing fine with it.
I was previously using California Natural, but Orijen is much easier to find. I also liked the idea of buying a Canadian product and supporting a regional manufacturer.

been there, done that said...

Last week I was thinking 'whew', I lucked out, Saturday I found out "I" am feeding one of the recalled foods to 14, count 14, cats. What a vet bill this is going to be. I was feeding, by the urging of MY VET, to feed Science Diet m/d. I used to feed raw and got all kinds of grief from the vets, at least I knew what was in it!!! I'm going back to raw and in the interim am feeding Innova EVO. Be carefull feeding anything with flax, it's toxic over the long haul, including garlic, rosemary and a host of other ingredients. If anyone wants to email me about feeding raw, please do, I can point you to more sites. Right now, I'm going with and bravo raw chicken.

M said...

Thanks for having your blog. We have a lot in common, I am a former Not True (Nutro) feeder thinking I was giving them something "better" than the average food. I finally settled on a company called PHD according to the pet food list and ordered some online.

After reading your blog I took my two girls in for testing and they have more testing to go, so all is not well, but if I hadn't read your blog, I would never taken them in because everything kept saying acute acute acute and there may have been something else going on. (they had the quick stick BUN reading which came back high but high normal at least.)

So thanks! I'll check back in when I get the results from the Doctor tomorrow.

Seth Martin said...

Jasmine,Butters and Sammy thank you! They are the Pack of Three! (P3) See these heroic cats in action at

Josh said...

bonjour, just found your blog looking for cat blogs. i run a cat blog myself called - i'm in Brooklyn, NY - I see you are in Manhattan. Good times. Lots of cats need love in NYC.

In response to this particular post - I haven't seen Orijen cat food... Im a believer in the as much meat as possible thought... but I can't say we actually follow this ourselves. Our cat (Simon) seems to do well with what we feed him though which is Pet Promise dry food.

Anonymous said...

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M said...

It turns out my two girls are ok. BTW I suppose I shouldn't have done it but I wrote a rather unfriendly email to Nutro. Menu foods website just has the recall information now, no corporate blah blah, etc. I would have written them as well.

Thanks again.


Moritz from said...

Have you tried ever ? I do live in Spain on the Canary Islands and enjoy a very healthy climate here and a lot of natural food, but my owner Semmy thinks that royal canin is actually something to be added every now and then. I like it, its just super expensive!

Semmy from said...

Well, and there are also alternatives with own cat recipies! I recommend to use those from - make sure to claim your cat bonus at :)

Lux said...

I contacted Prowl via email, because I've had a struvite bladder stone, and was told their food is ph 6.5, in other words, neutral. They're sending a sample to us.

But this Orijen food sounds intriguing also.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you're still interested in online sources for Orijen in the States, but here are a couple:


Alternatively, you may want to contact the company directly (see their website: - they are pretty responsive to customers' questions/demands.

FYI - here are some links to positive reviews on the food:

Also, I was shocked to learn that the prescription diet that my cat has been on for the past 8 years for stones (Hill's c/d) was unnecessary (and actually bad for him - see I learned that this problem was actually the result of eating a low quality/low protein diet. Not to say that this will work for everyone, but my cat is now thriving on Orijen!

johnypaycut said...

I've contacted Champion pet foods
about their Orijen dry.
(on the web
please write clark stride /
they say it'l be available at mikes
feedfarm a by end of /90 hamburg
turnpike,riverdale,nj. 07457
or write clark ..
best wishes,
johnypaycut woodstock,ny.

Anonymous said...

Orijen dog and cat food is made in the Alberta Canada where I live. It is the number one selling pet food in my pet store.I have switched my 11 and 12 year old cats to this food.They are doing great,they really like it. My 11 and 12 year old dogs are on it as well. My 12 year old labs coat is really nice now. He has also lost some weight due to low carbs. My pets have always been fed a premium food. I don't need to feed them as much as other premium foods. This food is very palitable, I find that it has a pleasing scent. The customers in our store are happy too. They feel comfortable in this time of the menu foods issue, that they are feeding a local grown Canadian product.

JJ said...

We use Orijen with our cats here in Texas (AND our dogs) and they're all thriving on it. Our picky cats love the taste. We tried Honest Kitchen with them, they wouldn't touch it.

dog lover said...

I work in the pet food manufacturing industry. I would not touch anything made by Champion pet foods. They have had some very serious food recalls in the past, one of which killed several dogs. Their standards are even lower than Menu's. Origins is relatively new so any testimonials at this point are not of any value, wait time will tell. I would stick to the premiums if you can't home cook, but switch around, you never what is going into these foods and who the next recall will be.

Anonymous said...

We just had samples of Orijen come into our local pet food store. I used to be a distributor for HealthyPetNet, loved the food but the company structure was terrible. Since giving up the distributorship, I would have to pay the higher rates for the food, SO we have been on a quest for new dog and cat foods. The Orijen was one of the best samples with no grains or byproducts that I have seen so far and the pets loved the product.

Anonymous said...

Contact Holistic Pet cuisine in Boca Raton Florida they have and ship Orijen all over the USA.

Why make this blog? said...

I found your site and think it is a pretty unique cat blog. I currently have a pretty random cat blog myself and wanted to know if you would exchange links with me? My address is:

Let me know if you are interested.

Tony Cohn
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Anonymous said...

I love my cats and I don't wanna them to eat contaminated food! But What can I do?

Anonymous said...

@doglover- You are full of crap. Championpetfood were never touched by any recall, I would like tangible proof e-mailed to me at

Orijen just like Royal Canin have made their way to the top with quality products. Do not trash a company with little credibility you have.

spotts said...

Hello, here is a good website to look at for cat food.
there is a video you can watch too.

Anonymous said...

Holistic Pet Cuisine in Boca Raton not only ships Orijen all over the USA they have the freshest and largest stock in the whole state of Florida and know more about nutrition than all the vets put together

Anonymous said...

I feed my cat Orijen Cat food. After she went through cancer related surgery my vet suggested a high protein diet for her. After having her on the food for about 1 month, her coat completely changed and she is doing wonderful. The food was suggested by a wonderful specialty pet store "Balwin Bark" in Orlando, FL. My vet commented on my cats health and beauty. And yes, adult cats get .5 cup per day. My cat eats it throughout the entire day.

Melissa said...

My cat was having a huge issue that seems to be a severe intolerance for grains of any sort, and after stabilizing him, my feline specialist vet has suggested grain-free dry food. Her top choices, in order, are Orijen, Innova EVO, then Wellness CORE.

Melissa said...

Additionally, you can get it online at Here are some coupon codes - they randomly expire, but you can always do a search online for coupon codes if these don't work:

20% off - PFD3618I
15% off - AC51PFD116
15% off - SORRY-8B
13% off - WFF011005
13% off - PET5441
13% off - PET5445
12% off - PER35

Alison said...

You asked about Orijen. I work in veterinary medicine. My dog was raw fed until we moved. The cats will only occasionally eat raw. I found Orijen after moving to Ireland. This is the only no grain food I can find. I have been very pleased with the food. My cats are 7 and 5, neutered males. They free feed, and are offered all the canned meat they will eat once a day. We have no weight concerns. I will note they are both Ragdolls
The dog eats Orijen once daily with his other meal being what ever appropriate raw I can find. All three are doing very well with the Orijen, beautiful coats, no hairballs. EVO is an excellent food as well. For kitties, the more high quality protein the better.
Of note to the person who's vet wanted to put your cats on M/D. Please don't. EVO is a much better solution. Cats get fat from eating the wrong foods. Just like us! Thanks for your time.

Jellibells said...

If you read the ingredients in Orijen, it is actually a great food and akin to Fromm Family Foods - both are manufactured by family owned companies and are considered premium foods.

Kathryn said...

Thanks to everyone for your comments. I have an IBD kitty and am searching for food she can tolerate. I recently moved her to Merrick 100% meat canned foods but she is still having trouble digesting it. Orijen sounds good. Can anyone comment on this food for an IBD cat or recommend an alternative? Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Very old post, but I have to comment that Prowl has worked wonders with our IBD cat. We tried him on the medicated vet diet, then grain free canned, he eventually became very lethargic, and then vomiting with both. He is so...vibrant on Prowl. We add a touch of Natures Variety Instinct for flavor.

Chompers said...

I was feeding both my cat and dog Blue Buffalo. However my dog refused to eat it and my cat would leave the black little circular kibbles and only eat the brown ones. After my pooch didn't touch her BB kibbles for almost 3 days I asked her trainer for advise. He said he swore by Orijen and that his dogs would eat it over human food. My dog finally loves dry kibble and my cat (who is 6 mos) LOVES it too. No problems, they're healthy, happy and have a tasty dry kibble food :)

porblem is only the Dog Bar (which fortunately is 5 minutes from my house) carries it. Hopefully they won't decide to stop carrying it since it's a fairly new brand and not so many ppl know about it.

Amy A said...

Orijen Cat food was the BEST CAT food I have ever purchased. I can get it here in Oregon and it can be shipped by our local store I am sure. The cost almost made me sweat but the results were fantastic.

I switced to purina for 3 weeks and it was a huge difference. I am back to Orijen for good.

I have 5 cats and the poop reduction and reduced pee smell was worth the 40.00 per 18lb bag.

Email me at if you want the store info.

dcody said...

I have a very healthy FIV positive 11 year old cat. His only issue has been chronic diarrhea off and on throughout his life. In the last year it has gotten much worse and smells unbearably bad. My vet had me give him antibiotics and then a strong de-wormer to try to clear up the problem when that didn't work she, of course, recommended putting him on the "perscription" Hills Diet. Why don't vets know about any other food besides Hills?

I decided to take matters into my own hands and try different high quality foods recommended by my local pet store. Orijen is the best I've found. His problem isn't totally solved but it is much better and doesn't make our apartment smell like a toxic waste dump.

I'm really happy with the food. I'd have a hard time feeding raw because I'm a vegetarian myself and really don't want to handle any meat, especially raw meat. I highly recommend Orijen.

Anonymous said...

I use Orijen all the time for my 9 month-old grey short haired F6 Savannah. We just got him the Orijen 6 Fish and he seems to like it. I think it's the best. I've read the ingredients of all the other popular brands and when you look at their 6 Fish Ingredients List, you will be amazed. I think there's like 4 or 5 (maybe more) different types of fish in there. I know there's potato but for my cat, with all his energy and slim physique, it's perfect. I love it and so does he. I live in WA State so we have it in stores but amazon has some. If you want the 6 Fish type it into google to get a direct link to a seller. The trial package is like $2.49. :)

Anonymous said...

It's a great food, it's one of the foods that all the cats in our house will eat.. we buy ours online from..

Anonymous said...

Have a Cane Corso baby boy. Hes 1.5 years old. Tried different brands at the begining. After doing a great amount of internet research I stoped on Orijen. It’s more then a year since and my dog is doing simply great. Adopted a cat, 6 month old. Hes also on Orijen for a month already and his coat is really nice now. Good mood and great general health. Both of my boys love the taste. I order it strait from the Distributor in Israel.

Anonymous said...

We have about a 5 year old cat who was on Science Diet for a while, when our vet recommended we switch to Orijen. We tried it and after a small adjustment period our cat got used to it.

Recently we switched our dog to Fromm from Orijen b/c she had diaharrea issues with Orijen. We tried switching the cat, too.

The cat seems to love the food, there was no adjustment period at all. However, she eats a ton more of it. We've always free-fed our cat b/c she regulates what she eats and is in great shape. However, we are worried about how much she is eating.

As of now we're probably going to go back to Orijen just b/c she regulates herself so well with it. We just keep the bowl full and she eats no more than she needs.