Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Boys Ok. Now Who Gets the Bill?

The vet called back this morning to say the boys' blood tests came back ok. They have a clean bill of health, but Arthur's cholesterol was 2 points above normal, though the vet says it's nothing to worry about. Is there anything I should be doing to lower it?

Oh, and who gets the $414 bill for this testing? I think either Nutro or Menu Foods should have to pay for this. We wouldn't have taken them for testing if they hadn't been eating Nutro Natural Choice packets for years. It's their fault. They should pay. Who should I be trying to collect from?


DEBRA said...

They should have to pay. But, it will probably be very frustrating trying to recoup your money.

Anonymous said...

Based on how Menu Foods has handled this whole debacle, I doubt they'd reimburse.

However, Nutro bills itself as a premium food and may be more willing to reimburse in an effort to salvage customer esteem (something Menu Foods seems pretty ignorant about). I've read some reports (comments on blogs) that IAMS is willing to reimburse customers for getting their pets checked out. Might be worth a call to Nutro Products.

Rusty Shackleford said...

Invoice the maker as per the label. Invoice them for all costs, including your time at your usual rate. When they don't pay, and they likely won't as a first reponse, sue their @$$ in what we in Canada call Small Claims court making sure the press hears about it..... ;-} YMMV

Derby said...

Save your receipts for the vet. With the class action suits you never know what you might get back if you can prove what you spent.

Artsy Catsy said...

I fully agree, Avram, that we shouldn't have to bear the cost of testing that wouldn't have been necessary were it not for Menu Foods and Nutro. We have fifteen cats, all rescues, that have been eating Nutro for a long time. Can you imagine the vet bill! So far everyone seems fine, but I would feel much better if they were tested.

Thanks for all the info you've been posting!