Saturday, March 24, 2007

Menu Foods CEO: I Feel Your Pain

I can't tell you how glad I was to hear these words coming from Menu Foods CEO Paul Henderson:
"Over the past seven days we have spoken with almost 200,000 consumers. They are scared. Some, like myself, were angry. They demonstrated a level of care and concern that only those of us who are pet owners can understand."

(via and the Canadian Press)
And don't worry folks. Menu Foods will also pay your vet bills.

I understand that vet bills can get expensive, but somehow I doubt that this lame attempt at contrition coupled with a vague offer to reimburse expenses is going to cut it with pet parents.

You know what Paul? Since you've shared your pain with us, I feel like I can ask you anything and you'll just open up and share. So tell me:

Who are you angry at?

Are you angry at all the pet parents who complained that your food was making them sick for weeks, possibly as far back as December?

Are you angry at all the consumers who've joined class action litigation against you in Canada, Wisconsin, Washington, and elsewhere.

Are you angry at the laboratory test animals who, rather than simply dying from your poison, should have jumped out of their cages and howled "this tastes like aminopterin?" Maybe they even would have, if they had vocal chords.

Are you angry at the media for revealing the pet food industry's dirty little secret, that so many "trustworthy" brands use a careless, cruel, safety-indifferent company to make their wet food products?

Or are you angry at yourself? Somehow, I doubt it.

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