Monday, March 26, 2007

Send Luck, Thoughts, Prayers

After much procrastination, Liz and I decided on Saturday that we want to take the boys to our vet for testing. Out appointment is for Tuesday at 4 pm ET. Liz is taking the boys while I'm at work.

Arthur and Beowulf have shown no symptoms at all of being poisoned, but my friend Janet Tobiassen DVM,'s Guide to Veterinary medicine, left me the a comment I could not ignore:

A simple blood and urine test will yield a lot of information and a hopefully a huge piece of mind! Veterinary experts are now saying that while the initial focus was on acute kidney damage/failure, they are now expecting that there are animals that may experience subclinical chronic failure. Once signs are seen (weight loss, drinking and urinating frequently, etc.) is very difficult to reverse.

Anyway, I think we waited so long because

  • We had called the same vet the week before and he said not to bother bringing them in unless they showed symptoms. This time, we insisted.

  • Taking the boys to the vet is very traumatic for them and for us. The very act of leaving the house freaks them out.

  • I'm actually terrified that somehow they'll break out of their carriers, run down the streets of Manhattan, and never be seen again.

  • Of course, we're also worried that something negative will come up on the test, but I'm hopeful b/c I've seen no reason to believe they are sick. But what if it turns out that they have some other disease we didn't know about.

So please send good wishes. I didn't want to take them for testing, but after reading some of your comments, we're going to take them.

Oh, and if they make it back ok, I'm going to send the bill for the testing either to Menu Foods or to Nutro Products. It's their fault I need to have the boys tested. Which one should I send it to? Menu Foods made the poisoned product, but Nutro sold it. Who's going to take responsibility?


Riley & Tiki said...

We hope your kidney tests turn out the way ours did. Sending purrayers, purrs, and good doggie thoughts.

Riley, Tiki, & Kesey

Janet Tobiassen DVM said...

Hey I just saw this! Sending good vibes your way (4pm pacific) for A-OK tests and a piece of mind. It is SO worth it not to sit and worry and wonder.

Save your foil pouches if you still have them and your vet receipt... it would be interesting to see what both Nutro and Menu Foods have to say.