Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Vet Visit: Mostly a Success

Liz took the boys to the vet today at 4. The vet looked at the boys, said they look very healthy, and took blood for a blood test. We'll get results tomorrow afternoon, but he seemed to think that we should expect that everything will be fine.

That said, the vet we saw was not the same guy we've always seen and he seemed to think that the boys need to lose weight, even though the previous vet thought they were a fine weight. At today's checkup, the boys weighed about 14.2 pounds each. At January's annual checkup they weighed 15 pounds and our regular vet said 15 pounds is fine for them as long they don't get heavier. It seems that they've lost weight. Should I be trying to get them to lose more? They don't look fat to me.

That said, I think the boys will lose weight now that they aren't eating Nutro packet food anymore. I think it had some fattening ingredients that they could do without. I also think we need to play da bird with them more often. However, they're not exactly lazy. They chase each other around and wrestle several times a day.

Anyway, we await the blood test results with hope but just a little nervousness.


Riley & Tiki said...

We'll keep our paws crossed.

Riley, Tiki, & Kesey

~Liz said...

Just an update for all who might want to know. The vet called me early this morning and told me that all the blood tests results were in and that our boys are fine.

Riley & Tiki said...